Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Diamond Mine Deluxe is a classic video slot - with a big twist. It's been enhanced with a bunch of features that make it more exciting to play than your average slot game, and far easier to win at. In fact, we'd almost say this game seems determined to give away money - but maybe that was just our experience of it. It's modeled both in style and in visual looks on the traditional three reel video slots of old, but the way it functions is nothing like the old school machines. If you're into the classics, this one will be an eye opener for you. Play Diamond Mine Deluxe at one of the bests online casinos today , and be amazed at how true its name is.

Diamonds Are Forever

Despite its unconventional playing style, the mechanics of this game remain exactly as you'd expect to find in a slot of this kind. There are three reels, each covered with a selection of classic slot symbols. You select whether to bet one, two or three coins, and hit the Spin Reel button. When the reels quit spinning, if you find that matching symbols have lined up along the pay line, you get paid out a chunk of money. It's as simple as that.

Diamonds Are Everyone's Best Friend

The different symbols represented in the game are worth different amounts of money, and there's a big pay table at the top of the screen showing what each combo is worth, in case you get confused. It starts with Red Cherries, which pay out if even one of them lands on the line. Thereafter, you're looking at the standard proliferation of single, double and triple bars, and red 7s. However, there are a bunch of bars that have Diamonds hidden in the background. These don't appear in the pay table, but when they show up on the reels, they're a godsend. If a diamond misses the pay line when the reels stop, it'll slide back onto the line, vastly increasing you chances of winning! Also look out for the 2x symbol, which will double the value of any line its a part of.

Digging for Diamonds

Diamond Mine Deluxe doesn't have a dedicated bonus round. The strategy for getting the most coins out of it really has to do with how many coins you're prepared to bet. If you check out the pay table, you'll notice that the winnings scale upward depending on how many coins you're playing. For the most part, this is a proportional scale, but at the top end, there's extra value for that third coin - which is why you should always play this game on maximum bet.