Enchanted Slots

Enchanted Slots

There are no words to describe this 3D Slot, one of the most superb slots I have ever played. I urge you to join Drake Casino and play Enchanted Slots. From the narrator's opening introduction in poetry form (which you must listen to), to the first spin of the reels, you will be as captivated as I was. Betsoft broke the mold when they created this incredible 3D slot. Therefore, I am thrilled to present my review, knowing that after you read it, it will become your all-time favorite slot, too.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, Enchanted is absolutely enchanting. The animations, sounds, and graphics are astounding and there is so much going on in this slot that you will have to stop just to absorb it all. This is a $1 max bet slot game equal to $30 a spin. But it is well worth every penny as the payouts are fabulous. Moreover, the jackpot is worth a cool $25,000! And I'll tell you how you can vie for that top prize.

The Land of Enchantment

The symbols in Enchanted Slots are spectacular. There are many characters who you will want to get to know including: the beautiful Feera the Fairy; Elrid, the Wizard; Rufus, the Ogre; Tonk, the Leprechaun; the hooting Owl; the Crystal Ball; the Golden Cup; the Magical Wand; the Spell Book; Three Golden Keys; the Crazy Purple Hat (a lot like the one in Harry Potter); and the Emerald Ring. All of these symbols play an important role in payouts, but especially in animations.

Tonka's Tinkering Doors Bonus Game

The first of four bonus features is Tonka's Tinkering Doors bonus game. Your aim is to collect three Golden Keys during regular play. Each time a Golden Key symbol appears on reel 5, Tonka appears; climbs the reels, and collects the key. At the top of the slot machine, you will then see 1 key. When all three are collected, the most amazing bonus game begins. The reels all go wonky and ultimately break down. Tonka appears on screen with his three keys. You have to select three of six doors on the slot machine. Tonka will then go to the first door you selected, take out a key, open the lock, and with his wrench - he will fix the inner workings of the slot. After that, a prize amount will be revealed. He will do the same for the second and third doors selected. After he has fixed the slot machine, your total prize amount will be revealed.

Crazy Hat's Crazy Reels Bonus Feature

When two or Crazy Purple Talking Hat symbols appears, you will win the re-spin bonus feature. Now the Hat says a few words before he settles on the coin selector. Then the first of three re-spins will commence. Note that the Crazy Hat symbols will stay in place as one by one a reel is randomly selected. You will get three re-spins in this round and your final total will be revealed.

The Spell Book's Free Spins Round

When you get three or more Spell Book symbols, you will win 10 free spins. This will earn you instant bonus money. However, if during this round the Spell Book appears on in the second position on reel 3, you will earn additional bonuses. Note: You can earn additional free spins.

Save Feera's Birdie Bonus Round

Perhaps the best of all the bonus rounds is Save Feera's Birdie. When Feera and Rufus appear alongside each other during regular play, you will trigger the Bonus Round. You will be taken to a second screen where you will be told that Rufus has stolen Feera's Birdie. To get the birdie back, you will have three chances to rescue Birdie by using the arrows and attack sign in the bonus game. Wait until you see what happens to Rufus when Feera frees Birdie!

Play Enchanted Slots at Drake Casino

Never before has a 3D Slot game offered so much for so little. Enchanted is my number one pick among all 3D slots, not only for its bonus features, but its sheer imagination, sounds, animations, and overall fun. Play Enchanted Slots at Drake Casino. You will LOVE it!