Frozen Assets Slots

This classic three reel one payline slot game is based on a winter theme, with snowmen, penguins and plenty of ice taking over the player's computer screen. It's not only ideal to play at Christmas, but also for beginners and experts alike. It's simple to play and the software user-friendly, but also packs a punch of excitement with its unique snowman bonus feature.

As well as some cool and festive graphics, there is catchy music and sound effects to keep you on your toes. Frozen Assets Slots features a progressive jackpot, so if you win the big money it could amount to a lot more than you imagined.

Figuring Out Frosty

You will, at some point in each game of Frozen Assets, want to get your snowman bonus to 200, and in order to activate this you must be betting the maximum wager on the payline: $5. The best thing to do with this game is to follow the rule of three: bet small for the first two spins (perhaps $0.05 or $0.025) an then on the third shoot right up to the big money ($1 or $5). You may lose out a couple of times, but after 5 to 10 spins you'll be raking the money in. You can extend this kind of strategy to a rule of four, but we don't recommend that you are betting big money as often as every other go, or as seldom as every fifth.

Snowflakes vs. The Sun

Three '7's in a row is your main aim for this game, as this will land you the progressive jackpot (a minimum of 250 coins) but you should also be looking out for the snowflakes if you're on a maximum bet ($5) as these all count towards the bonus feature. Watch out for the sun symbol though, as this does the opposite of the snowflake.

The wild symbol in the game of slots is the penguin, who will replace himself with any symbol that you need to create a winning combination.

Head for 200 on the Bonus Feature

Frozen Assets Slots' bonus feature can only be activated when you're betting the maximum bet on the one payline. Land any number of snowflakes on a spin and these will start to fill up the snowman meter in the top left hand corner of your screen!

Get a sun symbol, however, and that meter will go down again. You must keep trying to fill up the snowman until he reaches 200, when he will empty again and provide you with the 200 coins you've collected. This isn't so much of a bonus 'round', but more a bonus feature as it is continuous throughout normal game play.

Venture to the Arctic from the Comfort of Your Home

Get your gloves on and join Rushmore casino because there's no time for sticking your hands in your pockets with Frozen Assets Slots. All you, the player, needs to do is download video slots and select this particular game, create your account and get playing. Preferably with the highest wager so that you're in with a chance of winning the bonus feature.