Le Chocolatier Slots

Who doesn't love chocolate! BetOnSoft has come up with a brand new slot game that is totally awesome, and will satisfy your sweet tooth in seconds. Le Chocolatier Slots is highly addictive and worth its weight in chocolate. It is a high-end fast moving slot game, but with the coin selections starting at a penny, anyone can play and truly enjoy this chocolate feast. We highly recommend you read the pay table before you start to play because there is so much going on in this game that we wouldn't want you to miss even one morsel of your favorite sweets.

Game Facts

Le Chocolatier Slots is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with coin denominations ranging from one cent to $20. Max bet is 3 coins or $1200. This is definitely a high roller slot game, with plenty of chances to "sweeten" the pot. There is the "Double Up" feature that is loads of fun. If you click on the Double Up sign located under the Spin button, the Le Chocolatier who stands to the left of the slot machine will come up with two trays in each hand. One tray will ask: "Where is the cake? Left or Right." And in his left hand is another tray in which you will be told how much you will win if correct. You can either double your winnings, or not. You can continue to choose as long as you pick the correct tray. Additionally, when you win on a spin, you can click on double up and bet up to 1000 coins, or you can simply uncheck the double up and continue to play. Note that with each spin, you can yield from 1xs to 5xs your trigger bet automatically. With each spin, when you find a winning combination, the reels drop down to give you additional chances to win.

The Special Multiplie


In this segment of the game, you are asked to help the chef layer his cake. Once you win a line of desserts, the multiplier will increase anywhere from 1xs to 5xs your bet. In addition, as mentioned earlier, each consecutive line you win, new desserts will fall into their place to not only increase your chances of winning additional money, but add to the multiplier as well. If you continue to win on the first spin, the multiplier will go up to 5xs and remain there for the rest of the game. If you do not hit consecutive wins, the multiplier will return to 1xs.

The Double Up Option

This is really a fun feature. Any time you spin the reels and win, you can double up by clicking on the "double up" sign below the Spin button. The Le Chocolatier has a tray in each hand. If you choose his right hand, you will be asked where the cake is. In his left hand, the double up amount will be revealed. Choose the correct hand and you can double your winnings.

Chocolate and More Chocolate…..

There are 8 dessert symbols in this slot game. All more delectable that the other. The Le Chocolatier himself stands to the left of the slot machine. He is quite a character, with a huge mustache and eyebrows that cover his eyes. But he is ever watchful and loads a tray of cakes depending upon the multiplier.

Play the New Le Chocolatier Slots

There have been many slot games with candy genres or sweets genres, but nothing compares to Le Chocolatier Slots. BetOnSoft has done it again, and although there aren't any bonus features to speak of, the features that occur during the game are all you need to increase the pot size and satisfy your sweet tooth. Play Le Chocolatier Slots and see for yourself just how much fun and "fattening" this slot can be.