Monopoly Plus Slots

The new Monopoly Plus Slots is getting rave reviews from online slot players. It has been touted as the best of all Monopoly Slots for its realism and multiple bonus features. If you've ever played the board game as a kid or even as an adult, you are going to absolutely love this new version of Monopoly Plus Slots.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video slot, Monopoly Plus has coin denominations starting at 30 cents to $300. Yes, it is a high stakes game, but then Monopoly always was! The maximum you can win in this slot game is $250,000 which quite remarkable. For those of you who know this game inside and out, let's highlight the fabulous bonus features available to you.

What? No Wilds and No Scatters?

Nope, they aren't important in this particular slot game. There is, however, a bonus wild that is randomly triggered. Another thing that we found fascinating is that the symbols on the reels are that of the player's pieces you find in a board game, and the actual board game is the bonus feature. As for the bonus wild symbol - if you do not get a logo or board bonus symbol on any reel, the bonus wild can be triggered. Here you will observe Mr. Monopoly go from reel to reel and choose what symbol will become wild. This can earn you mucho bucks. The Board Bonus has to be the piece de resistance for any slot player as it has been given the top marks for not only ingeniously providing a myriad of bonus features, but for its interaction by the players. The Board Bonus is activated when you get three or more Board Bonus symbols. These will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Bonus symbol could be a pair of dice. You will be asked to choose one and will be taken to a second screen where the actual Monopoly Board will appear. The number on the die is the number of rolls you get on the board. Now comes the best part of this slot game.

The Bonuses

After you roll, you will begin playing the actual game of Monopoly - moving from space to space. But, if you land on certain properties, you will win untold rewards. Are you ready? If you land on a property, you will be shown a slot machine wherein you can win cash or extra rolls. Land on a utility space, and you will be able to roll the utility dice that also award you with prizes. Land on Chance or Community Chest and you will take a card from the appropriate deck. The difference between this slot and the board game is that you will not be penalized, but will be given a special surprise. We're not going to tell! Land on the Railroads and earn a free roll and a move to the next railroad. The Free Parking Space is also a bonus space that gives you a free roll. If you Go to Jail, you forfeit the bonus on Go and go straight to jail. Land on either the Income Tax, Super Tax, or Just Visiting spaces and no rewards are given. Land on GO and the mother of all bonuses is yours - 200xs your original bet will be awarded.

Play Monopoly Plus Slots

For one of the most creative and entertaining slots ever designed for Monopoly lovers, you will love playing Monopoly Plus Slots. It is one of the best of its kind online today.