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Are Lobbyists Threatening the Legalization of Online Gambling in NJ?
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As we reported, lawmakers passed a bill legalizing online gambling in the State of New Jersey. The bill is sitting on the desk of the Governor of New Jersey, waiting for him to sign by February 24th. However, since the bill was passed a great deal has happened. For one thing, lobbyists have put the pressure on the Governor not to sign the bill. These lobbyists include Atlantic Casinos who would rather have online gambling legalized by the federal government, not individual states. In a recent article it was revealed that if the bill was signed into law, online players would have to fork over 23% in taxes to play online, which would mean a boost in revenue for the State of New Jersey. Even so, the casinos in Atlantic City are opposed to this bill in an effort to serve their own interests. If the bill is not signed by February 24, it would automatically become law. Conversely, not signing this bill would have an adverse effect on every state that is considering legalizing online gambling. Reports claim that the Governor may be changing his tune and may not sign the bill. If this happens, we will report it here first. So stay tuned…