Have We Seen The End of Free Casino Downloads?

There was a time when enjoying online slots and casino games meant signing up at your casino of choice and then downloading the free casino software, however times change and they change quickly, and it's now the case that many players much prefer to get their casino kicks without the download, either in quality flash instant play casinos or on their mobile devices. That leads to the question, have we seen the end of the free casino download?

In some ways the answer to that question is yes as many new online casinos, especially those that provide slots and games from multiple development companies are no longer even offering a casino download as all can be easily enjoyed in the flash casino in a secured browser, and let's face it, most players now wish to simply register an account and do just that....click and play. New online casinos that do not offer a casino download are not taking anything away from players, they're simply providing the action in the way in which most players want to get it, and the does seem to spell the end of the casino download.

Tech has advanced rapidly and casino downloads were great in that updates, upgrades and new slots and games could be added, and the casino software would update the next time the player logged in to play, however that's now quickly and easily done in flash and mobile casinos, with instant updates as soon as new games arrive on the flash and mobile platforms. Casino banking is now mainly done in secured browsers with no need for any download, and as long as players can get cash in and out, play their favorite games and collect their bonuses with no download required then that looks like the way things will stay.

There is a distinct difference however between UK, European and US facing online casinos and it's the non US casinos that lead the way in the cutting of the casino download, however it's only a matter of time until new US casinos simply stop providing the free download....and these casinos will be much the better for it.