Is Bovada Legal In California?

What is there to say about California that hasn't already been said? It's the land of the rich and famous. It's Hollywood, earthquakes, the Pacific Ocean, and nearly constant sunshine, wealth, and wonder. All of that aside, it's no secret there are tons of California residents who love gambling. The population of California is staggeringly high. There are nearly 39.24 million residents who are in California dreaming on a winter's day. In California, sports betting is legal and thriving. Online sports betting along with casino betting is booming. So say you're a California resident and you're curious about Bovada Casino, which is one of the top online sportsbooks and casinos on the web. Well, you can use Bovada to make legal bets on all of your favorite Californian teams. Bovada is the future, top leading sportsbook for players in California, and there are quite a few reasons why.

So, Is Bovada even Legal in California?

Yes, Bovada Casino and sportsbook is completely legal in California and has been legal since the 90s. For 20+ years, Bovada has been operating as California's best online sportsbook and casino. There is no history of fraud, and no reason to not trust Bovada if you're a California resident. They accept Californian players in their TOC and no California sports betting laws restrict Bovada whatsoever.

For Californians, Bovada has served as the industry's top online sportsbook since it was launched. It offers exceptional odds and incredible, regular promotions. It's also easy to use, and signing up isn't anything you'll need to struggle through. Registration won't take very long, and you'll be on the road to making bets on your favorite Californian teams. Once you register, make sure to take advantage of their bonuses. There are bonuses for players who deposit using cryptocurrency as well as bonuses for players who deposit using normal credit and debit cards!

Getting Started and Betting on Sports in California

So, if you're ready to start betting on sports in California, you'll need to register for Bovada using basic information. Also, don't miss out on any of their welcome offers when you first join Bovada, either. Fill out the registration form by entering your date of birth, your email and phone number, an account password, and your postal zip code, and make sure to check out the welcome bonus section. Make your first deposit to begin playing! When you join a new sportsbook, there's always an excellent range of deposit bonuses available which give players a little extra money to bet with. Some small promotions include promos with risk-free betting, free play, and inflating the odds.

Basic Rules for Betting in California

You can bet real money in California sportsbooks, but you have to be of age. California allows players over the age of 18 to place a wager, and if you place bets involving say, the November election, the regulated betting age is 21. At Bovada, you can place bets from cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Ana, and Anaheim. You can also place bets in cities near California like Las Vegas, NV or Phoenix AZ.

Mobile Betting

Bovada players can place bets using their mobile phones, too! There are no issues legally or technically. However, these sportsbooks don't have applications. However, they work with most mobile browsers. Bear in mind, if you come across a Bovada app, it's likely a scam! There is no official app as of right now! You can access Bovada from iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Microsoft tablets, and Google Pixel tablets.