Self-Exclusion In New Jersey

At many online casino sites, there are sections for problem gamblers, particularly an area called Self-Exclusion. Some links to this program can be found at the bottom of a casino's main page or referenced as a special section at the online casino. Since New Jersey legalized online gambling, they devised and implemented the Self-Exclusion program in 2001 to assist players who wanted to address their problem gambling at Atlantic City casinos. The City then expanded it to online casinos in 2013.

Self-Exclusion Explained

The purpose of self-exclusion is to allow players to restrict themselves from gambling by putting their names on the self-exclusion list. This action means that players will not be able to wager for a minimum of one year.

New Jersey Self-Exclusion

In the case of New Jersey, they offer players many ways to utilize self-exclusion. Moreover, gamblers can choose to enter this program in person or online. They can remove themselves from every casino in Atlantic City and all online casinos. Players will have to complete the process with an in-person visit.

Self-Exclusion Can Last for Longer than One Year

While the minimum time is one year, players can choose five years or even a lifetime if completing the process in person. Players must fill out applications and bring them to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement or the New Jersey Racing Commission. The gaming division is in the Arcade Building in Atlantic City. Bettors can find a racing office at the Meadowlands or Monmouth Park, in addition to the Freehold Raceway or the commission's office in Trenton.

Online Applications

With thousands of online casinos and sports betting sites around the U.S., an online application is the easiest route. To begin the process, players can visit the New Jersey website. Applying ensures that any gambler within the state of New Jersey cannot make bets with any operator.

How to Take Name Off the Self-Exclusion List

If players have resolved their gambling issues and want to take their names off the list, they must submit a separate request online. Then the gaming commission has five business days to remove a player's name from the list. They will then notify the Atlantic City casinos and appropriate operators.

Gambling While Self-Excluded

If a player gambles while on the list, they forfeit all winnings, and the player can not only be removed from the casino but other casinos in the U.S.