Winward Casino

Winward Casino has revamped its entire site and it is fabulous! In fact, another great aspect to this casino is that it now accepts Bitcoin. The main page is colorful and has a colorful window of information you want to know about including promos, sign-ups, and more.


The promotions at Winward are amazing and we invite you to read all amount these on their promotions pages.

  • Cash Craze $100,000 Give-A-Way
  • King of the Reel
  • 400% Bonus on your first 3 Bitcoin deposits
  • Magnificent Monday
  • $15,000 Daily Wagering Skirmish
  • New Players Weekly Tournaments
  • Best Bitcoin Bonus
  • Tuesday's 200K Guaranteed Progressive Pot
  • Sunday Storm
  • Sunday Super Reel
  • Super Slots Tournament
  • Table Games with 1250 in Prizes
  • Thermal Thursday
  • VIP Program
  • Comp Points

Casino Games

Among the categories of games you can find at Winward Casino are: Slots, Classic Slots, Video Slots, Live Casino, Table Games, Video Poker, and other games. The newest slot game is Reels of Wealth, and the hottest slot games include: Black Diamond, Sugar Pop Slots 2, and Legend of the Nile Slots. Please note that the list of games is not as large as other online casinos, but are just as exciting.

Live Dealer Games

The games available in their Live Casino include: Baccarat, Spanish Roulette, American Roulette, and Roulette.

Bitcoin Tutorial

One of the newest aspects to Winward Casino is that they give you a video presentation of Bitcoin; including how to deposit, and a complete guide on how to use Bitcoin to fund your account. This is particularly great for new players who join Winward Casino.


Betsoft Casino is easily one of the best providers of online casino games; everywhere you look, you've no doubt seen one of their champion slots - they are literally everywhere and have few rivals when it comes to the sheer scope of their influence. The reason for this is the exceptional quality of their games, as well as the legitimate variances of those games - you have a real chance of winning as mathematically prescribed; there's no funny business with the computers, as you might find in much smaller, less reputable slots providers. Some of the great slots for which Betsoft has been responsible include:

  • The Golden Owl of Athena Slots: For some reason, slots that involve the old Greek Gods always catapult to the top of the popularity spectrum Perhaps this is because that pantheon, in particular, plays such a central role in the motifs of modern Western thought and architecture. Regardless, the Golden Owl of Athena is a Betsoft video slot with 5 reels and 10 paylines, which has 18 free spins embedded somewhere in the layers of scintillating gameplay. As the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena was the patron saint of the intellectual and the philosopher, and the symbols on the reels tell her life story. In particular, the golden owl symbol can get you multiple free spins if it appears on the reels 3,4 or 5 times.
  • Dragon King Slots: The Ancient Orient, or Far East, is an even more popular destination theme among slot games than the Greek, it seems. Dragon King slots is set in the China of old, and has many Game of Thrones Slots themes interwoven into it. With 5 reels and a whopping 50 paylines, this gigantic slot has plenty of ways to win; making it one of the more variable and accepting of a range of real money players. There are literally mountains of gold to be won with this one - but there's certainly no obligation. All Betsoft games are available for free play via the Instant Play, Flash version available at casinos that host the Betsoft platform. Some of the many symbols include golden dragons, golden turtle with ruby eyes, golden bullfrog, and more. You'll hopefully run into some multipliers, and use the wild icons and the scatters to your advantage. The bonus rounds in Dragon King slots promise to really ratchet up the fun - whether you play in free mode or paid. Enjoy this magnificent Betsoft creation.
  • Ogre Empire Slots: With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Ogre Empire slots is straight off the Betsoft presses and will enchant the player with visions of a magical land like King Arthur's Avalon. Ogres and Orcs have always been the stuff of legends, and this video slot incorporates them nicely into a brilliant, 3D screen with cinematic appeal. As King of all the land, and at the entreaties of your enchanting Queen, you must rid the townsfolk of a massive ogre that has run amok and terrified the peasants (or rather, the peasant's wives. The cascading reels of this slot has the rare Gamble feature, as well as the more common wild symbols, free spins and mobile device compatibility. It's one of Betsoft's proudest and most recent achievements; and you're invited to play it for free or for real money.

There's also a wonderful culture of mobile gaming adaptation that's been growing at Betsoft since the inception of the mobile device revolution that started with tech companies about half decade ago. Betsoft software engineers have quickly and expertly adopted their gaming codes to provide cinematic three-dimensional slot games to their repertoire. The actual name of their mobile gaming platform is the trademarked ToGo, and it is championed by users as being elite and very interactive.

Betsoft for Managers, Owners and Developers

If you're a business owner and not just a gamer, then the Betsoft platform is the one for you. Its back-end software is robustly powerful, and makes some really powerful tools available for analyzing the success of your promotional platforms. Most of it is encoded in the latest variant of the markup language, HTML5, which allows true cross-platform compatibility and integrability. Lastly, Betsoft's award-winning marketing services makes it an all-performance suite for your business - the software leader is quickly shaping up to be one of the only games in town.

Rival Gaming

Also known more commonly as Rival Powered, this online slots master is just one of an indefatigable three-headed dragon of top games provider in the online casino space. Like the others in the gaming space, Rival is a licensing platform that has software developers make awesome games, and then licenses their utility to numerous gambling and free to play websites. They even have affiliate marketing programs for the sole proprietor in their Turnkey Solutions section.

Rival Gaming has been around for over a decade, since their revelation in 2006 - in that time, they've managed to have 52 vendors seek out and implement their services all around the world. Their growing library has 160 casino games of serious intrigue, brimming with interactive plot devices that keep casino gamers coming back for more. Despite how great the games already are, Rival Gaming is in a constant pursuit of greater heights, and is updating old games to meet and exceed the graphics-intensive new era of slots gaming.

  • Rise of Poseidon Slots: Upon visiting any beach in the world, it will become immediately clear why the ancient Greeks thought of waves crashing on the shore as inimitable white steeds, heralding the coming of a mighty god in an aquamarine-colored chariot. The name of that god was Poseidon, and he was the brother of the Skyfather Zeus. Poseidon Slots has 5 reels and 30 paylines, with tremendously-rendered symbols on the reels like a viking ship, sea tortoise, the god Poseidon, seahorse, giant octopus, Sea anemone, dolphin, Queen Amphitrite and others. The low paying symbols are the poker card suits. You'll enjoy the Stormy Free Spins round and the gifts it can confer, as well as the Poseidon Substitute symbol that can replace any other for a complete and winning payline
  • Alien Spinvasion Slots: Are you, like much of the population, titillated by the prospect of intelligent life on other planets and in other galaxies? Of course, just because there's intelligent life doesn't mean they'd ever have the ability to make it Earth; but Spinvasion Slots from Rival Gaming nonetheless suggests that it could happen. With 5 reels and 50 large paylines, you've got a lot of space over which to enjoy your chances at winning big. For money, the min bet is $0.05 and the maximum bet per game is $125. There are free spins, multipliers (on your winnings), scatters and wilds to help you along the way. Earth looks like it's about to fall to some aggressive aliens, and you are the last line of defense in Alien Spinvasion Slots.
  • Best of Luck Slots: This spectacularly drawn video slot from Rival Gaming has 5 reels and a standard 20 paylines; you can play for free or decide to put up some cash for access to some possible return. The betting starts as low as 0.01 and ends at a maximum of 50.00. We cannot think of a more aptly-named sot for your enjoyment; the symbols on the reels really convey a sense of luck, with a four leaf clover, a jade statue, antique penny, ladybug trinket, horseshoe, bag of gems and an acorn. If you get multiple instances of the bag of gems symbol on the reels, you will unleash a cache of free spins that are commensurate with the icon tally. Best of Luck Slots is just one of those ones that needs to be played to get an idea of its playing value.
  • Diamonds Down Under Slots: A solid 5 reels and 15 paylines is a nice introduction to this Aussie pokey. Diamonds Down Under is still large enough a slot to have bonus rounds and free spins opportunities for you. The symbols on the reels include cartoonish bears, mugs of beer, kangaroos and more that will definitely make you smile to see them. Among other things, it's possible to win 400 coins in a single spins; to find out more of the gifts it has to offer, play it today.

Rival Gaming has practically the entire spate of online casino game types that you would find at any collection of online casinos. There's, of course, the Classic 3 Reel Slot and the 5 Reel Slot (these are pretty much required to even be called an online casino). You'll find Progressive Slots, i-Slots (which stands for Interactive), Table Games, Video Poker, Specialty Games and Mobile Games. Rival Gaming also has a section that's totally dedicated to the New Games they release, so you don't have to go hunting for them in the previously listed menus.

With Rival Powered or Rival Gaming, it's never hit or miss with their fabulous slots and table games; make sure you personally check out this excellent mainstay of the casino gaming architecture.


Hailing from the UK, there's nothing small about the highly respected software provider Microgaming . Unique for many of their competitors, Microgaming is not only dominant in the online casino gaming space with their top-of-the-line Poker offerings, there Live Dealer sweet of table games, their Business Solutions sweet and their Sports book - they also dabble in the brick-and-mortar, land-based casino. If you like video slots and table games in any capacity, then you've almost certainly played a Microgaming creation.

Microgaming Casino Games

Microgaming has enough confidence to place its video slots up against the games of any other software provider - and with good reason. You will find some very familiar movie themes and renditions of ancient civilizations well represented among the many Slots. The following is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you will find in the Microgaming library:

  • Thunderstruck II Slots: it's almost like the old Norse gods of old live again in this 5 reel Microgaming slot with 243 different ways to win. On the boards you will find old favorites such as Loki the trickster God - who was hilariously represented in one of the modern Avengers movies, when the Incredible Hulk rendered his godlike abilities no more potent than those of your average meta-human. The Mighty Thor is also, of course, a symbol on the reels of Thunderstruck II Slots, and beside him rides a gorgeous warrior maiden known as a Valkyrie. The Allfather Odin reigns supreme on his Asgardian throne. One of the aforementioned symbols are capable of granting you - assuming they appear with the scatter symbol - 10 free spins, 15 free spins, 20 free spins, or even 25 free spins via a variety of in game features. If you can make it to the Great Hall of Spins, you will find that the fun really begins. All that's left to do is to download and play.
  • Jurassic Park Online Slots: Jurassic PArk Slots has 5 reels and 243 effective paylines, which translates to hundreds of different ways to win. Clearly, it is based on one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, first written by the late Michael Crichton before being formulated for the Big Screen. Although you can play for free, the minimum amount for paid play is nonetheless attractive for cautious bidders - just $0.30 for a full round spin, and $15 max for the same. With these numbers, it is possible to win up to an amazing $475,000 on Jurassic Park slots! The most lucrative symbol is chief investigator at $40 per set of five of a kind. The lowest paying special symbol is actor Jeff Goldblum, at $25 for five of a kind - which isn't bad at all. The Wild symbol is the Jurassic Park logo and the Scatter symbol is the Mosquito in Amber. The latter triggers free spins for values of 3, 4 or 5 on the reels simultaneously. The final Bonus Feature is the T-Rex Alert Round; in this one, multiple T-Rex symbols are activated and you get to choose from them to reveal the underlying prizes.
  • Terminator 2 Online Slots: One of former Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's top grossing movies, Terminator 2 has finally made it into the world of online video Slots - courtesy of Microgaming. Sporting 5 reels and 243 pay lines, it is get another one of those gigantic Slots that has wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, bonus rounds and multipliers to give you the best chance to win something special in the game. The minimum bedding amount is $0.30, and the maximum is $30; which makes it a good game for commoners as well as the gamblers with deep pockets. You will find Sarah Connor as a symbol on the reels, her son John Connor, the liquid metallic Terminator, the solid metal Terminator, Arnold himself and other icons of varying values. Dive in and help John Connor save the future, with the aid of his tough but outdated T800 Terminator, going up against the future T1000.
  • Battlestar Galactica Slots Online Slots: Another big winner from slot maker Microgaming, BattleStar Galactica (TM) Slots has five reels and an amazing 243 pay lines. Obviously, the inspiration for this one was the popular television program that captured the hearts of Star Trek fans around the world. This trademarked video slot accepts bids of between $0.30 and $15 per game; there's a bigger slot off to the lower bottom of the screen that shows you your progress towards cash and prizes. BattleStar Galactica (TM) Slots is definitely a paying slot players dream - the maximum award is a career-changing 1.4 million coins. You can play it in the Normal Loan, the Run Mold, or the Fight Mode; each one has different attributes such as free spins, the availability of stacked wild symbols, and a faster-than-light feature that's better described in the pay table. All of the familiar characters make an appearance on the reels as the games symbols - which is a bonus for fans of the show. This is yet another example of the kinds of amazing Slots produced by Microgaming.

You will find many more inside, some that are throwbacks to ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and the Aztecs; others hearken to mythological places like King Arthur's Avalon and the Greek underworld Hades. All that's left to do is check them out for yourself; the software provider Microgaming welcomes you with open arms.

Microgaming Has a Sportsbook

Satisfying its promises as a full suite online games center, Microgaming even has its very own Sports book. Just in case you think that this is a new addition, Inc. again - it's been around for over a decade. You can enjoy a sports coverage that includes common games like football, basketball, and tennis; and even somewhat rare options like horseracing, handball, pool and volleyball. We bet you never thought you could bet on professional games of chess and even winners and political elections, right?!

Well, in the Microgaming Sportsbook, all of these options are available and more. This leader in responsible gambling accepts bets in all the major markets; that means European, the UK, and even the United States. You will have access to statistical analysis as well as Live Support for any inquiries, complaints, or suggestions. All the bets stream live so that you can be certain there's no monkey business going on - Microgaming stakes its reputation on customer response to his service suite.

Microgaming Mobile

In sum, you are heartily invited to that Microgaming by playing the Poker, Live Dealer Games, the numerous awesome Casino Games, and even the old-style Bingo games. There are always ongoing Promotions as well as Bonuses for signing up and adding yourself to the member list of Microgaming's gaming library. With the robust support for native apps on both the Android and the Apple iOS mobile platforms, they are fully in tune with the mobile device revolution - which more than anything, ramps up the quality and the availability of your favorite online casino games.

New Slots

New Slots are always of interest to online casino gamers, for they represent a chance to see what latest concoctions that programmers have been working on. At Winward Casino and others, you can usually find the brand new video slots in their own dedicated menu container; sometimes, with the highest jackpot awards thus far as well as the screen name of the player who won it. There are several types of slots that you can expect to make an appearance, and we'll go through each one below:

Real Series Slots

Real Series Video Slots are particularly notable because they contain a host of bountiful features that catapult them ahead of the average slot. The graphics tend to be really good, and there are free spins bonuses sprinkled liberally throughout the feature rounds. Players have touted their primary attribute as "versatile", given the numerous ways in which you can win free games while playing in the normal rounds.

Interactive iSlots

iSlots, as you might have guessed, stands for Interactive Slots. The primary attribute is included in the name already, and it has found a massive following. The vivid storyline begs for interaction with the player, and keeps you engrossed in it as you spin the reels for fun or for cash. Another feature of this trademarked slot variety is that your game is saved at points of your desire for future play.

Classic 3 Reel Slots

The Classic Slot is another good one that has is often preferred because of the simplistic, no-frills approach to design that lets you get down to the business of playing to win. Usually, the symbols are an assortment of Bar symbols, Fruit icons and a numeral such as 7. You can find some of the most popular 3 Reel Slots below - they also often come with a single payline.

5 Reel Video Slots

And now we have the 5 Reel Video Slot - you won't find a variant with more games from a multitude of different online casinos than this one. The size of the slot allows for interactive stories, 3D cinematic graphics and loads of features. Sometimes, it can a be a bit much; but there are rarely complaints. Let the dozens of paylines be your key to unlock cash and prizes with paid play. Furthermore, the 5 Reel Video Slot is where you'll find the Progressive Jackpot with its capacity to exceed your wildest dreams in terms of the cash it stores up.

7 Reel Slots

7 Reel Slots are few and far between, perhaps because of how much time and effort it takes to craft a game of this size and still keep the variance respectable. They are a new take on the 5 Reel Video Slot, expanding the number of reels and the ways to win by a good margin.


As great as playing casino games are, there's actually one thing better than the bare-bones approach: tournament play! With this option, you make the venture much more competitive and enticing, as players from all corners of the Earth log on and make a small contribution to the pot. The winner takes all in an exciting battle to the finish line - which occurs when the virtual bell tolls and the casino tournament operator brings the particular game to a conclusion. The tournaments at Winward Casino occur every week, with thousands of dollars available at their conclusion - these ones, in particular, are for new players.

If you're already a member and have been playing at Winward for some time, then you can sign up to engage in the Sunday Super Reel tournament, as well as the Super Slots and the Progressive Guaranteed Pot that takes place on Tuesdays - it's worth a jaw-dropping $200,000! This is definitely a tournament that we could sink our teeth into. Winward Casino employs top-notch slots from highly-regarded software providers such as Betsoft Casino, Microgaming, Rival Gaming ads Net Entertainment. Some of the choice slots from these elite game masters, which you will find in the tournament section, are as follows:

  • Witches Cauldron Slots: This famous 5 reel, 20 payline slot is tailor-made for tournament play; perhaps this is why it is one of the hottest games being played right now at Winward Casino. It has all of the attributes that make it a preferred video slot - free spins, wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds and more. It is game developer Pragmatic Plays champion slot, so much so that other software makers like Topgame and IGSOnline have adopted it s one of their own. Magic is in the air, and the archetype of the modern day feminist - the witch - is out in force to rule the realm with her ever-present cat, phallic broomstick and verbal gibberish that comes across as Magic Spells Slots. The spell book is the Scatter symbol, and it can trigger the free spins mode. The Black Cat is the Wild symbol, and it substitutes for any other symbol except the spell book to complete a winning payline for the player. The wins can really begin to pile up if you make it to the Witches Cauldron Bonus Round, so play with gusto and good luck in the tournament.
  • Reels of Wealth Slots: This 5 reel, Betsoft creation is a graphics-intensive slot from the Slots3 Series of top-notch creations - it takes on a realistic three-dimensional appearance and supplements this visual appeal with some really good gameplay. In addition to the pot of cash that's available to the winner in tournament play, you can also play with real coins on the paylines at a min of $0.30 for a full game, or at a maximum of $30 for a full game. The high value symbols also pay out for the certain quantities of them on the reels; these symbols are the chest of treasure, the bag of gems, the stack of bills, the blue topaz gemstone, the ruby stone and the emerald stone. These only pay out if you get 3, 4 or 5 of them at the same time. There are Wild symbols and Scatters to add another dimension to the game, and the Scattered Vault Door Feature is a big one if you can make it there. Similarly, the MegaStar Free Spins also make the game more fun. Reels of Wealth Slots is available for tournament play at Winward Casino now - just sign up and play.
  • 7th Heaven Slots: This is one of the online slots that people are always talking about because of the amazing ability to commandeer the licensing rights necessary to make a slot named after a massively successful television show. This one stopped running in the early 2000s or perhaps late 90s, but the slot itself is still going strong - it's got a solid 5 reels and 18 paylines over which to play, and complements this range of winning options with free spins, a wild and a scatter symbol. The symbols are mostly different colored numeral 7s, with the red one being the most valuable at 5000 credits for five of a kind, and then the blue and then the green 7. The poker symbols are the low paying ones, and instead of the usual numbers, 7th Heaven Slots has the Heart, the Ace of Spades, the Diamond and the Club figure. Play this one in tournament mode to really get the full flavor of it.

Although Winward Casino respects and encourages newcomers to try their Instant Play slots for free, it's important to note that you cannot engage in tournament play with this option. Tournaments require a small contribution (entry fee) on your part, so that there can be a pot to deliver unto the winner at the end. Browse the exciting Winward library to find the games that you like, then enter the lobby to play for real money - it requires a casino software download to begin. If your experience is like that of any of the other online casino gamers, you'll find that once you enter and participate in a tournament, you will rarely return to normal play again - or, at the very least, you'll jump at the chance to play every single time a new tournament pops up. Winward Casino's reputation precedes it, and we hope you'll find that it's the type of casino that you can get behind.


Winward Casino Rewards and Promotions are fully competitive with those of even the top-tier online casinos; the brightly-lit and inviting website is not just for show - there's some real substance behind the scenes. One of the most anticipated ones they have is the yearly Octoberfest that is activated around the same time each year - just in time the Halloween month. You can visit the website directly to learn more about that one - in this short section we'll take a look-see at the Daily and Weekly Promotions that you'll enjoy taking advantage of as a qualified member.

Monday Rewards at Winward

This first day of the work week is known at Winward Casino as Magnificent Monday, because of the introductory offers that are on tap. You get to start off the week right with a 200% Bonus on all deposits greater than or equal to $200. It's a shifting scale of rewards; for lower amounts of deposit money you receive a lower percentage - all the way down to $50. This is the minimum deposit for which you can get some cash-back.

Additionally, there's also the 5th Street Championship Race, in which the generous casino is willing to pay out cash rewards all the way out to 20th place!

Tuesday is Known as High-Stakes Tuesday

As the week wears on, the prizes get more competitive; on Tuesday, the maximum deposit amount for which you can receive some House cash is pumped up to $1000 - for which you can get an amazing 300% Match Bonus! There's 250% available for deposits that are between $500 and $999. If you're not quite willing to commit to these amounts, then you can try on the 25% bonus by putting between $25 and $49 in your new account, or the 75% bonus for a starting commitment of $40 to $75.

You can supplement Tuesdays with another reward/promotion: the Tiger's claw Race Party. It involves a $4K endgame award for the winner in the month of September.

Wednesday's Are Wonderful at Winward Casino

Wednesdays are similarly attractive to the loyal casino gamer because of what the third day of the week brings. You can get similar deposit bonuses as on Tuesday, with a little something extra: these include a 25% bonus for deposits within a certain (the lowest allowed) range, 50%, 75%, 150% and the ultimate 200% on highroller deposits totaling more than $500 at once.

Just like on the previous days, these can be supplemented with other parallel promotions - the one in question for Wonderful Wednesday is The Grand Prix Tournament - it is activated up to three times every single week, which always gives you a chance to enter it if you're late to the party on any single week.

Thursday Also Brings the High Stakes

The week is rounding out to a close, but the rewards are not losing any steam! You can still get your hands on a 300% Bonus for deposits exceeding $1000 - with the option to get lower percentages on lower amounts of money.

Another promotion that's running concurrently are the 5th Street Races and the Loyalty Cashback. In the first one, you can access the race by entering the tournament mode and clicking on the sign in your account that denotes this particular race. As for the second one, this consists of a 15% Loyalty Cashback that will keep you coming back to the casino for more.

Full House Friday Rewards at Winward Casino

Although the lowest 25% deposit reward option is still present, you can really cut loose on the rewards you get today by going with the 200% bonus that is activated on deposits greater than $200. Things are slowing down a bit on Fridays; but this is just to get ready for a big weekend!

If that's not enough for you, then try on the Welcome Package that involves the amazing Naughty or Nice Video Slot, which offers up to 25 free spins and a 200% Bonus Reward on your very first deposit.

Super Saturday Deposit

Saturday's no slouch, and welcomes the customer with a bang as the opening to the weekend. It's a lucky day, indeed, with a 300% Bonus for deposits between $500 and $999, as the top of the mountain. The lower amounts that are available throughout the week are also possible today for the conservative player.

Super Sunday at Winward Casino - Last Day of the Week!

Deposit bonuses of 25%, 50%, 75%, 150% and even 250% are all ready to be primed and served up for at their relevant deposit amounts today. To add to your potential good fortune, you can make use of the cryptocurrency revolution today - and other days, in fact - with the 400% bitcoin Bonus that only applies to your initial 3 deposits (just in case you want to spread them out). The Sunday Super Reel is also available today, just in case you want to further spice up your gameplay.

There are several more rewards and promotions at Winward Casino; just download the casino software, sign up and lock in your participation and recompense. Come back day after day to enjoy more of what they have to offer, and keep on reaping those special rewards.

Instant Play

Online casinos that offer their patrons the option to either try the Instant Play option or the paid play are the best of the both worlds. In fact, a common mode of operation is to first play the no download version for free to learn the ropes of the game, and to get a general feel for the particular slots of interest. Then, it makes sense to download and try the slots for real money; Winward Casino welcomes you to play in the manner that suits you best. By playing for free, you recognize that there's no obligation; but make sure not to "waste" too much of your good luck in the free mode, so that any winning streaks for which you are due do not go to waste. Currently, there are over 127 video slots - and growing - that you can play for free at Winward Casino. This large selection includes the following top slots:

  • Legend of the Nile Slots: The Nile River has sometimes been called one of the cradles of civilization; it should, of course, come as no surprise that such a long and life-filled river should eventually encourage cities to form along its length. Betsoft has used this to its advantage to make a 6 reel video slot that fully embraces the Egyptian motif. You win cash and prizes by connecting symbols either horizontally or vertically long the reels. These symbols are all representative of Egyptian mythology, with the sun god Ra being an especially valuable icon. There's also the eye of Horus and the Bust of King Tut, as well as the Ankh symbol and the Eagle of the Underworld. The Anubis symbol, for five of a kind on the reels, releases a win of 5000x your line bet, and free spins and special symbol combos can increase this to 15,000x - a huge win, indeed. Legend of the Nile Slots is a bit different from most of the other slots around, in that by lining up symbols, you can win more than is available in the conventional paylines-delimited pokey. There's also a feature called the Ra Power Bar that unlocks many other features; the pay table inside the game tells you much more about the kinds of prizes that await.
  • Greedy Goblins Slots: Betsoft strikes again with a 5 reel, 30 payline slot of the high graphics variety; so much so that mainstays like Rook's Revenge and The Slotfather Slots have some competition on their hands - it is truly a beautiful slot to behold. You can play it in Instant Play mode tro truly get a feel for it, too - but when you're ready to play for real money, there's 1-5 coins per line allowed and a maximum bet of $75 per game. The symbols on the reels include an elf, magic tome, green goblin, bright moon, posters, topaz gem and a couple more related to elvenkind. The Bonus Round is called the Sticky Wild Reels Feature, and it's got more opportunities in real money play than in free Instant Play. You can win free spins for extra chances at playing; just keep an eye out for the Mushroom House icon and the Book of Elven Secrets. As a member of the 3D slot crowd, Greedy Goblins is especially worth a spin in the Instant Play mode if only for the visual impression it makes - it has a confirmed cinematic appeal.
  • Forest Treasure Slots: Developer Pragmatc Play has really crafted a winner with this one - even if you relegate your playing period only to the Instant Play mode and eschew spending cash on slots today. The option is always available, though! Forest Treasure Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and takes place in the depths of an enchanted forest, where magic abounds and the creatures of the night engage in ethereal play. You will find fairies, leprechauns, unicorns and other creatures of the woodlands prancing about in this visual treat of a slot. Play with gusto, and hopefully you'll chance upon the 40 free spins that the game has stored away on the reels. Keep the following in mind for any future paid plays if you want to download and spend some cash: the icon you want is the leprechaun; five of a kind of this one on the reels unleashes a gold pot of thousands of coins. Additionally, there's an Enchanted Quest that has a hero's prize of 22,400 coins at the conclusion - but that's only for the real money gamer, of course. Forest Treasure is an appropriately named slot, as it has several special symbols that are geared towards improving the value of any in-game troves.
  • Slots Angel Slots: If you've ever seen the huge FX Channel hit show Sons of Anarchy, then one look at Slots Angel Slots would probably tell you where they got the theme from - or at least, what inspired it. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, this graphics-intensive game is from the 3D line of slots and is a joy to play if only because it's so attractive.

Remember, in order to enjoy the free play mode at Winward Casino, you don't have to use any money. Just have your mobile device and internet connection on hand, head to the website and pick the one you wish to engage. It's a promise that will stand until the end of time: at Winward Casino, you can always indulge the Instant Play option free of charge.

Mobile Casino

Welcome to the age of cell phones, tablets and lightweight ultrabooks that are as powerful as the energy-hungry desktops of yesteryear. These, more than anything else, allow you to perform some serious gaming all while you're out-and-about - you no longer have to be rooted to the desk chair to have access to the RAMs and hd graphics of slots and video games. Winward Casino is definitely a proponent of the new age of portable gaming, and as such, has a mobile casino that's worth trying on for size. In fact, why don't you check out some of the very best games that they offer and consider them an introduction to the rest of the online casino.

  • The Angler Slots: Every so often, there comes along a slot that challenges both Rook's Revenge and The Slotfather slots in terms of the sheer graphical appeal; The Angler Slots is one of these. It is a Betsoft creation that has 5 reels and 20 paylines, with symbols so smartly drawn that you may at first think they are real. The fisherman on the reels is one of the special icons in the game, and there are several more of these as pointed out by the easily-accessible paytable. There's a Free Spins Bonus Feature that can be reached by getting the right number of Scatter symbols on the reels, and there's a Time to Fish Bonus that delivers even more prizes. The fisherman, himself, can get you a tremendous 350x (with x as your starting bet) if five of a kind of him appears. The Wild symbols are sticky, which means they'll remain secured to their spot during the free spins round, making it even easier to get more free games.
  • Rook's Revenge Slots: This one is often mentioned whenever people are talking about just how far slots have come since the days of the standard Classic with a barebones interface. Rook's Revenge has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and changes the game when it comes to visual appeal. It's like Disney animators, themselves, took over the making of this slot! It's also filled with special features like Exploding Meters, multipliers and more. The theme is one that concerns the mighty but defunct Aztecs of South America. The Aztec s in fact the Wild symbol, and it replaces every other symbol except for the Scattered Golden Mask to complete a winning combination. You can win up to a 5x multiplier. The other symbols on the reels include an Aztec Idol Mask, as well as several idols of Aztec origin. There's a hilarious but stern chief off to the side of the slot, and he is always animated. Download and play for real money in order to win cash and prizes.
  • Mega Gems Slots: With 5 reels and 10 paylines, Mega Gems is not the largest slot around - but it's certainly worth your time because of the major wins that are possible. It's from Betsoft Gaming, and the top award is fixed at 250 coins - with the dollar value dependent on the coin denomination you chose at the start of the game. This one is clearly a slot of the 3D variety; which is an attraction all by itself. There's a definite arcade feel and look to this slot, precisely because the symbols leap out at you like they do in a kaleidoscope. It's worth at least one spin - download and play.
  • Glorious Rome Slots: One of the mightiest kingdoms that ever rose up from dust through the efforts of its men, Rome is the mythical (except it was real) thousand-year civilization if there ever was one. In fact, it was the United States of antiquity; in that it rose to such heights that it became completely unchallenged by outside forces; when Rome finally fell, it fell first from within - and only then were the Mongol hordes that had camped outside its walls for centuries able to breach the kingdom. Glorious Rome slots has 5 reels and 20 paylines, and is the creation of Top Game, which is not very well known as of yet - but that's changing as they churn out awesome new games. You can bet as little as a penny per payline, or as much as $5. There are, of course, increments so as to allow a range of betting options. The top award for the Glorious Rome icon appearing as five of a kind on the reels, is a considerable 100,000 coins. The Scatter symbol is the golden chariot and can unleash a slew of wins for the lucky players; in fact, they can get you to the Bonus Game for even more prizes. Let Rome reign again!

Other Mobile Games at Winward

In addition to the above, of course, Winward Mobile Casino also has Table Games such as American Roulette, Multi Hand Poker, Single Deck Blackjack, Electronic Roulette and many variants of Blackjack and table Poker. You can skip between the games easily enough, and peruse the entire listing over the many months and perhaps years we hope to have you as a member.

There are also multiple varieties of Video Poker available for the peripatetic gamer who doesn't wish to merely stick with just one type of entertainment. While here at the casino, you might as well try Jacks or Better Poker to see how your luck holds up, Deuces and Joker, Deuces Wild and the many variations of the latter - more are being added seemingly every month, so be sure to check back regularly and play without reservations.

If you've ever played Bingo offline, then you are aware of just how engrossing the game can be. Sometimes, there's a stereotype that it's a game reserved for senior citizens; but this is not at all the case - anyone can enjoy the probability that features so strongly to make the game a lot of fun. If you liked the game offline, then you'll love it online - there are fewer physical actions required of the player, and the digitized mechanism is often more fun. You can play virtual Bingo Dollar, and enter the Bingo rooms to play games such as Game of Thrones, Nickels, Supernova, Fusion, Eclipse Bingo, Quarter and engage in the debauchery that is Desperate Housewives.

In order to access Winward Mobile Casino, just download the casino software on your tablet or phone and sign up to receive your Welcome Bonus - then, you can begin playing with ease. Good luck, and gamble responsibly if you choose to play with real money!


As befits a casino that welcomes you to put in some real money for a shot at the Big Leagues, Winward Casino offers a wealth of deposit and withdrawals for the real cash gamer. You can expect top-notch web security during all of these transactions, and the range of the ones available makes it such that nearly anyone can partake (as long as you're 18 and older, and gambling is allowed in your jurisdiction). If you have any questions, you can reach their robust support network at

Deposit Methods

You can use the major credit cards in VISA and Mastercard to make a qualified deposit; there may be a small transaction fee - this is set by your financial institution and Winward has no say in the cost. Via this method, the minimum deposit is $10, the processing time is instantaneous, and any requests will be handled Monday thru Friday of the common work week - even though you can play games all weekend.

Another form of payment that's allowed is the web-wallet; for this, Winward Casino offers ecoPayz. You will sometimes see it listed as an eWallet, and the deposit amount is free since there are no transaction costs for digital transfers. This reality will probably eventually be the reason why all other forms of online payment succumb in the future - but for now, it remains open to multiple types. The lowest amount you can deposit with ecoPayz is $10, and the processing time is immediate.

The final deposit option currently available is the digital currency, Bitcoin. It is free, and the minimum is $10. It transfers from your Bitcoin wallet or address to your newly-created Winward Casino account instantly. The maximum you can take out for any of the above, per week, is $4000 - not including Progressive Jackpots. The minimum is $25.

Withdrawals at Winward

The first method is via Bank Wire, and the fee is a standard $29. The minimum you can withdraw via this method is $500 - the maximum is already set by the casino limit for any form, at $4,000. The processing time for Bank Wire is 3-5 days.

If you prefer, you can also use a paper check to receive you winnings. It will cost you less than a bank wire transfer at $20, and the minimum amount of money you can withdraw is $300. Much like its preceding option, it takes 3-5 business days to process.

The final withdrawal method is eCheck - which is just shorthand for electronic check. This one allows the lowest amounts for the conservative player; if you want to take out less than $1000, the cost is $10. If you wish to extract more than $1000, the fee is $20. The minimum withdrawal amount, in any case, is $100, and it takes 3-5 business days regardless.

Keep in mind that, despite the range of deposit and withdrawal options, Winward Casino will only process a single withdrawal request every single week. You can make as many deposits as you wish, however. You also bear responsibility for making sure that the casino has all the necessary papers (official identification, etc) in order to process your payments and affirm the validity of your account, All of these documents must be updated (by you) once a year at the halfway point. So, basically, 6 months from the date of last affirmation. If you've got any questions about this at all, they should be directed to the email

Customer Support

You can contact a customer report representative via Live Chat and email. You can also read their FAQ section as well.

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