Prince of Sherwood Slots

He robs from the rich to give to the poor; and now so can you. Join Robin Hood's merry men and have your own piece of their bounty in Prince of Sherwood Slots. The five reels are set against changing backgrounds as day turns into night over the country side of Nottingham. Drums and reed flutes set the mood with a Ye Ol' English tune while you play. That is, until you hit a winning combination, then the trumpets swell into a heroic fan fare declaring you the winner.

The Code of the Forest

Robin Hood keeps a loose rein over his band of merry men, and the Prince of Sherwood Slot is an amusing video slot that is easy to play. There are 20 paylines with 29 winning combinations. Your Minimum bet can be as low as 1 cent or you can really rob Prince John by betting the max of $5. Prince John has $25,000 in the Prince of Sherwood Slots Jackpot, so don't be timid, bet all 20 paylines so you don't miss any opportunities. And just like Robin, Prince of Sherwood Slots has tons of tricks up its sleeve. You find a progressive jackpot, bonus round, multipliers, fee spins and everything a merry gamer needs to have an exciting spin in Sherwood Forest. And even though Robin Hood is a British legend, Prince of Sherwood Slots is available for play in the United States.

Winning Characters

All principle players come out in Prince of Sherwood Slots. Robin Hood comes out of hiding to add his weight to the game and of course the evil Sheriff of Nottingham isn't far behind. And Maid Marian makes an appearance, to show her support; as well as old fashioned letters, Archery Boards, arrows, sack of gold and a castle scene passing from day to night. The animated icons are a nice touch, at times the Archery Board fills with arrows producing mounds of gold (see Golden Arrows Section).

Just like the legend teaches us, Robin Hood is wild. His symbol can substitute for any other symbol except Castle and Archery Board and he is part of all the top wining combinations. The Castle is the scatter symbol and hitting it 2 or more times will multiply your bet. The more Castles the greater the multiplier, up to 100 times with five Castles giving you a possible pay out of $10,000!

The Archery Tournament

No Robin Hood tale would be complete without the Archery Tournament. Just hit three archery boards or more to join the bonus game. Choose a marksman, Robin Hood or The Sheriff of Nottingham, both are then entered in the tournament and have a shot at the bull's eye in round one of the bonus feature. Every ring your marksman hits on the Archery Board awards you a different multiplier. If you choose the better archer, then your bonus will be multiplied 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 times each round for a possible total multiplier of 18. But look out, if the other contender our shoots yours then you're out of rounds two and three. However, as long as your champion out shoots his opponent, your multipliers will add up.

If your champion moves on to round two, you win with two extra shots. His shot in round two could win you up to 25 free spins. And his shot in round three could mean that your wins will be multiplied 6 times during your free spins.

Golden Arrows

The story goes that no matter what Robin Hood did the day of the tournament he lost. The whole thing was an elaborate trap set by the Sheriff. But in the Prince of Sherwood Slots, the Archery Tournament is always a win for you. Win or lose; you unlock the Archery Board as a Scatter Symbol. Now the board fills with golden arrows and overflows with gold coins and hitting two of them will multiply your winnings. Fill the reels with five Archery Boards and multiply your prize by 200, making the total possible Jackpot rise to $150,000!

Oo-de-lally Golly! What a Game

Just like the romantic legend of Robin Hood, Prince of Sherwood Slots has a little something for everyone. Adventure. Challenge. Excitement. And of course, golden rewards. There is a reason Robin Hood's men were called "merry." Still not sure, give the game a spin and find out why there is so much celebrating in Sherwood Forest. Find and play it at Bovada Casino.