The Right Prize Slots

We bet Dennis James and Bob Barker themselves would enjoy this new Wager Gaming Technology slot game. Based on the extremely popular "The Price is Right" TV show, The Right Prize slot machine has most of the show beauty and combines the The Right Prize idea with fantastic gambling experience.

The object of The Price Is Right is to correctly guess the retail prices of items, without going over, to either win the items themselves or other prizes. Huge bet range - $0.01 to $10.00 gives you a chance to choose the best slots winning strategy, synchronizing your "lucky waves" with bet amounts and getting the most from it.

The Right Prize Slots Features and Strategy

If you prefer to play penny slots, it's ok and if you want to gamble like a millionaire it's not a problem too with The Right Prize slots. The max spin of $250 and 25 pay lines will do the trick! And if you find a slot machine player who isn't excited about $300,000 Jackpot I would probably retire. Yes, The Right Prize slot machine gives you just the right $300,000 Jackpot! Cool isn't it?

The game has four individual bonus games: Chip Drop (similar to Plinko), Spin to Win, Pick a Prize, and the Right Prize (similar to the Showcase Showdown). You can play bonus game if you see any three Wheel symbols. The lovely 70' style graphics feels like the old days The Right Prize show and the game is simply fun to play.