Party Bucks Slots

Party Bucks may look like a classic slot machine, but it is more than that. Given a score of 10 on the rating scale, what sets this game apart from others is that it is a Progressive Slot. We have seen many one-line slots in this genre, and players will definitely enjoy playing this one.

Who is AceGaming?

AceGaming has a library of "Web Based" games available on a network of websites for players to enjoy. With many new titles in development to keep players engaged, Ace Gaming offers a variety of exciting and innovative games across all the current UK markets.

About the Slot

Party Bucks is a 3-reel, 1-payline progressive video slot. The coin values range from 5 cents to $1.00, with a max bet of 3 coins, that is, $3.00 per spin. Moreover, this slot game also has a Bonus Round. So much is packed into this seemingly compacted slot that it will excite players who are vying for the Jackpot. The theme of this game is Party. So, let’s Party!

The Party Symbols

You will note that this slot contains all party symbols. With the pay table located at the top of the slot, making it easier for players to view the symbols and payouts, you can see the Progressive just below the pay table. To win the Progressive Jackpot, you must bet the max. In the case of this slot game, $3 per spin is easily affordable for new and seasoned players.

How is Party Slot Designed?

It is a relatively easy slot game, and is designed to appeal to all players. With red, green and blue streamers on either side of the slot as well as the party hats, green and purple balloon symbols, cash, drums, and dollar signs; you will instinctively know its party time. It has Auto Play for your convenience as well.

Can I Play Party Slots for Free and for Real Money?

Yes. Party Slots is available for free play as well as for real money.

Are there Special Features in this Game?

Yes, as I mentioned, there is a Bonus Game. Once you play this game at our participating online casinos, you will be able to see what the Bonus Game is and have at it.

Is Party Bucks Slots Available to Mobile Players?

Yes it is compatible with Android and iOS.


Since this game is not available to US players, the information herein is based on what I could see viewing the slot itself. Given the most inexpensive max bet, I am sure our non-US players will be delighted in playing this Progressive Video Slot and have an opportunity to hit the Jackpot. If you’re looking to party, this is the game for you.