4 Seasons Slots

In one of the most visually stunning slots to come along from Betsoft, we introduce 4 Seasons. Set in the mountains of China on a frigid day, this slot game surpasses all slots games I’ve played in quite some time. Using the Chinese Zodiac as the theme of this game, the graphics are incredibly beautiful as are the sounds. There are a myriad of special features in 4 Seasons, and you won’t want to delay playing this slot at our featured casinos. You can also play 4 Seasons on your mobile devices.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video 3D slot, 4 Seasons has coin values set from two cents to $1, with a max bet of 150 coins. Because there are so many special features, we recommend you read the many pay table pages to familiarize yourself with this awesome game. As you will see from the slot machine, it has a Seasonal wheel at the left corner of the slot, and with each spin, the green lights go off as you try to reach the end of the line. Once you do, the wheel will turn and you will be shown an icon that has a specific multiplier to it. In addition, you will also find a Double Up button and an Auto Play button as well. The maximum amount you can win in this game is 750,000 coins.

The Chinese Zodiac Symbols

There are 12 signs of the Zodiac, and each is represented by a baby animal. These include a rabbit, rat, ox, dragon, goat, snake, tiger, rooster, dog, horse, duck, and a pig. These are the cutest animals I’ve ever seen. Additional symbols include a Golden Yin Yang symbol, and a Golden Cat symbol. Each of the aforementioned animals will garner you 50 coins when 5 appear, 20 when four appear, and 10 when three appear. But they can also be multiplied by the Seasonal Wheel.

Special Symbols

The Golden Cat is the wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the Yin Yang scatter symbol. Get all five wilds and you can win the 10,000 jackpot. The Yin Yang symbol is the scatter symbol, and when three appear on the reels, you will receive free spins. The number of free spins you win depends upon how many Yin Yang symbols you get. Thus, if you get three symbols, you will win 8 free spins; four symbols will give you 12 free spins; and five symbols will garner you 20 free spins.

The Seasonal Wheel

This is a special attraction in this slot game. The Seasonal Wheel shows all 12 animals o the Chinese Zodiac. With every 30 spins, the wheel turns and the animal that is shown when the wheel stops becomes golden. Moreover, it will have a multiplier attached to it up to 10xs. Those animals that are shown to the right and left of the golden animal become silver and carry a 5xs multiplier. Those to the left and right of the silver animal have a 2xs multiplier attached to them. For every 90 spins you make, the background of the slot game changes into yet another season. Thus the more you play, the faster you’ll be able to see all 4 seasons. And they are all as stunning as you can imagine. If you wish to witness all four seasons, you can use the Auto Play button.

Play the New 4 Seasons Slots

This is one slot game that will attract all slot players, due to the number of ways you can win and win big. But the visuals and sounds are enticing, and give you a view of China’s seasons like never before. We highly recommend you play the new 4 Seasons slots at our featured casinos.