Big Heads Slots

Due to the political climate ongoing in our nation’s capital, this new game – Big Heads Slots – is not one I enjoy reviewing. However, as one who is committed to providing our players with new slot information; I will nonetheless proceed. I would also like to note that this game is available to US players.

Who is the Developer of this Slot Game?

Slotland is this game’s developer, and it is one that perhaps reminds us just how fragile our constitution is.

Is Big Heads Slots Available for Demo Play?

Yes, you can play this in Demo Mode before you play for real money.

What is the Theme of this Game?

The theme of this game is Politics.

How is the Game Designed?

When I first viewed this game, I was quite taken aback having seen Trump and Putin, (but that’s another story for me). Also seen are Queen Elizabeth, and the Heads of Germany, China and North Korea. Given the circumstances surrounding Trump’s impeachment, it seemed fitting that Putin was also included in this slot game.

How Many Pay Lines are in this Game?

The game is listed as a 5 Reel Mega Matrix Slot with 15 pay lines.

What are the Betting Options?

At the bottom of the slot, you will see across the bottom the coin denominations available. The coin values start with one cent up to 1500 coins. If you click on the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom left of the slot, the betting wagers will appear as follows: 5 to 100. The max bet is $15.00 per spin.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

At the bottom of the slot, to the left, just click on the 3 horizontal lines again and click on Game Help. The pay table will come up consisting of the symbols, payouts, Special Symbols, and Bonus Game. There are no pages, so to speak, but you can simply scroll down to read all the information pertinent to the game.

Unique Payouts are Available in this Game

Instead of dollar payouts, each symbol affords players multipliers for each symbol. For example, the highest paying symbol is Queen Elizabeth. Get all five and you will win 1000xs your bet. This is the top prize. All others pay as follows when you get all five of their symbols: 800xs, 600xs, 400xs, 300xs, 200xs; and the card symbols pay quite well too – ace and king 100xs; queen and jack 50xs.

Special Symbol Triggers Bonus Game

The special symbol in this game is a Hand-Shake. This is a Pick Me symbol. Get all three of this symbol and the Bonus Game will commence.

Can I Play Big Heads for Fun and for Real Money?

Yes. Once you join the casino that hosts this game, you can play for fun. Joining the casino will allow you to play for real money.

Is Big Heads Available for Mobile Users?

Yes. This game is Android and iOS friendly.


While I am not a fan of several of the pictured men, I was happy to see the two women included in this game. It is a simple game to play and ideal for new online slot players. What is new about this particular game is the pay out given in multiplier form. US Players will no doubt garner huge payouts via this new payout scheme.