Milk the Cash Cow Slots

Milk the Cash Cow Slots is yet another classic slot game that requires getting one, two, or three like symbols on the center line. We love the picture of the young girl milking the cow at the top of the slot game. What’s even funnier is that the cow is eating money! This is game you will definitely want to play as the highest payout is huge for a classic slot.

About the Game

Milk the Cash Cow has a pay table to the left of the slot. You will be able to refer to the symbols and payouts as you play. There is an Auto Play button available as well. You will also note that there is one symbol alone that will pay out in buckets of milk. The Cash Cow is the wild symbol in this game and can replace any symbol on the slot. This means that if you get just one Cash Cow you will win 3xs your bet.

Playing the Game

Playing Milk the Cow is as easy as pouring a glass of milk. The symbols are reflective of the theme of this game, but wait until you see how much this “precious” cow pays out! Betting the max is the way to go in this game. It only costs $30 per spin, but the reward is awesome. If you get three Cash Cows on the center line you will win 10,000 coins. If you bet two coins, you can win 4000 coins; and if you bet one coin, you can win 2000 coins.


This is a game in which the jackpot is one of the highest we have seen for a classic slot game. With the Cash Cow being the wild symbol, bet the max if you can. If you can’t, you will still come out a winner.