Klondike Gold Slots

Klondike Gold is another gold-rush based slot. Many players might not get the historical reference, but basically, the Klondike Gold Rush was a migration where 100,000 prospectors moved to the Klondike region of Yukon in Canada in the 1800s after gold was discovered there by local miners. Some left wealthy, others didn't. Either way, it's been a fascinating point of history, which has been referenced time and time again in photos, books, and movies. Nonetheless, this slot is by the creative software developers at Rival Games, and this game has multiplier wild symbols and an epic bonus round.


I love Rival Gaming slots purely from a graphics perspective. All of their slots are up-to-date and gorgeous from a visual perspective, and I wasn't expecting any difference from this slot. The theme might seem obvious to some slot veterans, but I was wondering how they could pull off making gold mining a fun concept. However, the game has incredible music that completely sets the mood. Its somber yet natural soundtrack compliments the 3D graphics. The game grid is laid against a landscape filled with pine trees, rocks, mountains, and streams. I'm guessing this is supposed to be the Canadian natural landscape, which is a breathtaking sight if you've never been there. The graphics are done in a computer animated style, with solid colors and bold shapes. The slot is even slightly animated, as if you pay close enough attention you'll notice the pine trees sway in the wind. This game has tons of symbols to help complete the game's overall atmosphere. John Yukon himself is the wild symbol, and the gold-filled pan is the scatter symbol. The regular higher paying picture symbols are the lynx, the falcon, the fox, the deer, and the mountain sheep. I love the design of all the animal symbols, like the big-eyed fox and innocent looking moose.


There are special features available within this game too, and these are activated using the wild symbol. The wild symbol is always a help in any slot game, and this wild symbol can land on any reels and substitute for any symbol, except for the scatter and the Golden Lynx. Sometimes the wild symbol will appear with a multiplier attached, usually worth x2 or 3x your bet. The wild symbol is represented as a cute little gold miner.

Players can use the scatter symbols to collect free spins, too. Three scatters pays out eight free spins, while four pay out fifteen and five scatter payout twenty. If you enable the Collect 'N' Win Feature, you can collect the Golden Lynx symbol during the feature, and upgrade other regular symbols into Lynx symbols. Each Golden Lynx that lands are accumulated and counted on the Golden Lynx Meter, which is transferred into a Lynx for the remainder of the feature.


When it comes to gold rush slots, this is one of my favorite options. I've played a few slots based on gold mining, and usually, the graphics are terribly tacky, or too cartoonish for my taste. This might be one of the first gold rush-based slots I actually thought was well-designed. Now, that aside, I think the special features made it worth playing too. Everyone loves a good free spins round, as well as a useful wild symbol. The Golden Lynx Meter was a unique way to spice up a typical slot, too. To summarize my experience, I had fun and would recommend it, especially to slot players with an affinity for nature!