The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist is a classic 3-reel video slot from those masters of the reels, Real Time Gaming. It's a straightforward game based on the classic structure of the original 3 reel fruit machines you used to find in clubs and casinos around the country. Except it's more than that. The styling may be old school, but there's more to this game than meets the eye. It's themed around the concept of a bank heist, and it has a unique loyalty feature that guarantees you a big random jackpot win just for playing the game. Get your safe cracking kit together and try The Big Heist right now at your favorite online casino - it's a free download!

Safe Cracking 101

Blow torch and goggles are not required to crack this game - just some time and the willingness to enjoy a great video slot. It's incredibly simple to play. You've got three reels covered with crime-related symbols, and you spin them, trying to get matching symbols to line up on the center pay line. If they do, you win cash! How much you win is relative to which symbols line up, and how many coins you've bet - the game takes wagers of between 1 and 3 coins per spin. The basic formula applies: bigger risks will pay out bigger cheese.

The Boys in Blue

Although the purpose of the game is to crack the safe, all of its imagery is to do with law enforcement. It's got a Scatter symbol in the form of a pistol that pays out no matter how many of it lands on the line. After that, you're looking at items like Handcuffs, the stereotypical Coffee and Donuts, and the lawman's Badge, which is technically the game's top prize, since three of it in a row will cause the game to kick out up to 2,000 coins. On max bet, that would be worth $10,000.

Breaking the Bonus Bank

Safe cracking is done in two ways in this game. First of all, you might hit 3 Safe Dial symbols, which instantly pays out the random jackpot. If this happens - fantastic! But there's another way to achieve this prize. Every time a Safe Dial symbol appears and lands on the pay line, the counter in the top right of the screen goes up by one. When it reaches 50, the prize is automatically triggered anyway! This is the only game where you're guaranteed to win, just by playing!