Treasure Chamber Slots

5 reels and 20 paylines; your standard set up when you download video slots. Treasure Chamber Slots, however, is certainly not your 'standard' game.

Enter into a world of jungle mystery as you spin your five reels to win prizes of up to $50,000 (the maximum jackpot). The graphics are as exciting as a real adventure in the jungle, and the prizes just as realistic as you hunt for the hidden treasure chamber. Play if you dare from the comfort of your own home; the controls take just a minute to get the hang of, and it's so user-friendly that you can learn the basics as you play. Just make sure you've got the sound turned up and your graphics card on, because this is one hell of a wild ride.

Short-cuts to the Treasure Chamber:

Like any video slots game, playing maximum lines (choosing the highest wager per line) will give you a bigger prize when you land a combination. You can choose from $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 or $5 per line. If you're well practised in slots or even consider yourself an expert then the higher end of this scale is definitely the way to go. For beginners, it's a good idea to either watch the auto-play for a while, or start off on the lower wagers to practise and move up to maximum lines later.

Symbols to watch out for:

You'll soon learn once you download video slots that symbols mean everything. This is especially true when hunting for treasure in the jungle. Keep your eye out for the 'Adventurer' symbol, which is Treasure Chamber Slots' wild symbol. This works the same way as a joker and allows you to substitute it for any other symbol and make a winning combination.

You should also look out for the scatter symbol; in this game a red rose. Two red roses on the screen gives a unique payout and three or more distributed anywhere on the screen allow you to have 20 free spins. Watch out though; there's a Golden Question Mark symbol in this game, which shifts as the spinning reels come to a standstill. Be quick off the mark and you might just cheat the shifting symbol!

Bonus rounds:

Bonus rounds in Treasure Chamber Slots consist of the 20 free spins that are won when you land three or more red roses anywhere on the screen at one time. Don't forget that during these 20 free spins, your winnings are doubled; so it's worth raising your wagers for these ones.

Start your own Treasure Hunt:

Don't worry about packing a rucksack, copying out a map or fixing your compass, the Treasure Chamber Slots game is yours if you download casino software and just create an account. You can log in and out as your please, and it'll take just a few seconds to get from home-bound suburbia to jungle-bound adventure.