Light Speed Slots

If you are a fan of outer space voyages and UFOs, then Light Speed Slots is a game that you will particularly enjoy. This space themed, three reel, one line progressive slot has some seriously cute graphics, including little green alien men, robots, laser guns, spaceships, stars and planets. The Robot is actually a wild symbol that replaces any of the game symbols except the one for light speed. Light Speed is a straightforward slots game to play, with the action centered right in front of you in those three reels. Play Light Speed Slots now!

Symbols for a Bonus Multiplier

Well, perhaps we should say most of the action instead. Glance up from those reels just a bit. Do you see the light speed meter on either side of them? This is one of the neat features of the game. Watch for light speed symbols as you play, for every time you get one, not only will your light meter go up a notch, but you will also get a multiplier of the kind that will be used on the next slots prize amount you win, up to a total of seven times the original win.

Know Your Game Symbols

The symbols are easy to distinguish, which helps a lot with game play. This is a quarter, or twenty-five cent machine. In order for a player to get the maximum payout and/or qualify for the Light Speed bonus from this slot machine, it is set to demand three coins at one time in three different slots.

What You Need for the Progressive Jackpot

The light meter in Light Speed Slots is a part of the first bonus feature. It also plays a role in the progressive jackpot, for in order to win, you must have your light meter filled to the top level (7) as well as have three ray guns lined up on the pay line. Whenever someone wins the progressive jackpot, it will start itself over again at the $700 level.

Play Slots Today!

By reading this far, you are probably quite intrigued by what you have learned about this game. Do not be surprised if an alien visits you soon to further talk you into playing this slots game. Luckily, you should not have to look too far in order to locate an online casino where you can try your luck at Light Speed Slots.