Mr. Vegas Slots

One of the most dazzling 3D slots I’ve ever played, you don’t need to spend a fortune to go to Las Vegas, when it can come to you in the form of Mr. Vegas Slots available now at Drake Casino. It is pure entertainment! Starting with the introduction in which Mr. Vegas, accompanied by a buxom brunette and blond, make their way to the casino in a gold limo; you will note that Mr. Vegas is somewhat of a celebrity - and he knows it. Moreover, he will play an important role in your winnings in this fabulous slot game. But let’s get to the review of Mr. Vegas Slots.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline multi-bonus 3D slots that has a mega jackpot to boot; you can play using the following coin denominations: 2 cents, 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, and one dollar. This is one slot game in which you can play any one of these coins per line and still come out a big winner due to the various bonus features. Only in Vegas can you find such unique bonuses, and this game is no exception.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

The animated symbols in Mr. Vegas are stunning, and all will help you to win big money. They include: Mr. Vegas, the Showgirl, the Blonde, the Brunette, the Waiter, the Player, The Welcome to Las Vegas Logo, a Roulette Wheel, Champagne and Glasses, Chips, Ace Jack of Spades (21), Slot Machine, and Red Dice. You don’t have to concern yourself with wilds and scatters in this slot game, because the symbols represent high payouts anyway.

The Mr. Vegas Free Spins Feature

When Mr. Vegas appears alongside the Red Dice symbol in any combination, he will toss the dice. Whatever number comes up is the number of free spins you will receive. If he rolls doubles, you will win 2xs your bet for all free spins. In addition, if you can win additional free spins if Mr. Vegas and the red dice appear during this round. Thus, you can win from 2 to 12 free spins.

Play Roulette with Mr. Vegas

When the Mr. Vegas symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will get to choose 3 numbers on the roulette wheel. A red curtain will close on the slot machine and open to reveal Mr. Vegas and his buxom ladies at a roulette table. Keep your money in your pocket because Mr. Vegas is betting the bank on your numbers. After he puts his chips on the table, the wheel is spun and when your number comes out, your total award will be given.

The Slot Machine Free Spins Feature

One of the most creative aspects of Mr. Vegas Slots is having a slot machine free spins round within a slot machine. When the slot machine symbol appears three or more times, a larger slot machine will appear in the center of the screen and you will be able to click on the handle three times. If four slot machines appear during regular play, you will receive 4 free spins, and so on. How fantastic is that!

The Money Wheel Jackpot Bonus Game

Perhaps no other slot game will get you as excited as the Money Wheel Jackpot Bonus Game. How do you get to this round? It is genius, really. At the top of the slot machine you will see a golden triangle. Get 5 of these triangles on any symbol and you will unlock the Money Wheel. Once again, the red curtain will close on the slot machine and will open to reveal a giant money wheel. You get one spin of the wheel. But here is what you can win: up to 6000 coins; up to 10 free spins; a bonus (which turns out to be spinning the slot machine that is part of the free spins feature), or hitting the jackpot! Hey guys, wait until you see the woman who spins the wheel for ya! Yowza!

Mr Big Time Mobile!

Mr Vegas likes to share the slots love and as well as spinning like a dream in Drake casino, he’ll also perform all of his slots magic mobile too. Mr Vegas mobile slots provides those same brilliant graphics and animations that you’ll find in the online version, as well as every single one of the awesome slots features, and it’s all optimized beautifully for play on Android tablets and smartphones, as well as iPad and iPhone, allowing you to hang with the highest of high rollers from absolutely anywhere. There’s a stack of US slots players now spinning on their mobile devices and Mr Vegas mobile serves up everything that the mobile slots fan could ask for.

Play Mr. Vegas Slots at Drake Casino

Having played this slot game for a few hours, I was thoroughly entertained, flabbergasted at the number of bonus features, and thrilled each time I won. This is the ultimate Vegas slot experience, and I highly recommend you visit Drake Casino to play Mr. Vegas Slots.