Blackjack Online for Real Money at Bovada Casino

The creators behind Bovada Casino are experts at blackjack games. In fact, their Blackjack section is packed to the brim with fantastic, exciting variations on these classic card games. Given how popular blackjack is at Bovada, it's unsurprising they continue to add new blackjack games to their catalog. You can play these games for real money via their online casino. They have both traditional blackjack games, along with non-traditional blackjack games that bring a different flavor to the classic card title. You can play them for real money, or for free! Not every casino offers practice versions of their table games, but I was grateful Bovada Casino does. The practice versions can be played on both mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets and desktop computers.

Blackjack Basics

If you've never played Blackjack before, pull a virtual chair up and allow me to explain the basic rules. In Blackjack, you play against the dealer. Blackjack is all about who has the best hand. To win the game, you have to score higher than the dealer, but no higher than 21 points. If you or the dealer go over 21, it's known as a bust, aka an instant loss. You definitely want to voice a bust! There are also automatic wins, too. If you deal a perfect score of 21 using a two-card hand, you'll receive a 'natural' which is also known as a blackjack (see what they did there?) and you'll receive the best score possible in this game. You win automatically, and you'll be paid 3:2 instead of 1:1, which is the standard payout for all other less-perfect wins.

The chances of landing a Blackjack immediately are pretty low, usually, you'll need to build your hand. While playing, there are three to four different moves you can make which alter the outcome of your hand. Remember, Blackjack isn't purely about luck - skill is also a factor!

In Blackjack, you can hit, which is just adding another card to your hand for more points. You can hit as often as you'd like, as long as you stay under 22 points. You can also stand, which means you're happy with your hand. That means whatever score you end up with is your final score, and the winner will be determined. Usually, if you stand, it's because you're either pretty confident with your hand or know a hit would land you over 22 points. So oftentimes, standing is a technique to prevent an automatic loss. In Blackjack, you can also double! You need to double your bet, and in return, you'll receive one more card. The last move you can make in a game of blackjack is called a Surrender. Some online versions of blackjack let you surrender your first two cards and half of your bet is returned to you.

How Do I Win at Blackjack Online?

Every blackjack expert employs some basic strategy while playing. You have to observe and analyze every hand combination, along with the dealer's hand. Every potential card outcome has an ideal action! Meaning, you have to know the right thing to do in every scenario. There are strategy charts online and in the gift shops at land casinos, but you should double-check that the strategy chart you're using matches the variation of blackjack you're playing. The actions will differ depending on how many decks are being used and whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17s. I'd recommend playing a few rounds of blackjack in practice mode and having the chart on hand so you can memorize the best actions while playing blackjack.