Ohio Lawmakers Will Review Gambling Status of Fantasy Sports

Lawmakers in Ohio are getting prepared to review the daily fantasy sports betting sites and whether they should be declared illegal gambling operations.

State Rep. John Eklund, of Chardon, said that a subgroup from the Criminal Justice Recodification Committee, which he leads, will be taking up this issue soon. The focus of the group is to specifically review the Ohio's gambling laws.

Mr. Eklund said it might turn out the issue was best handled by a separate committee focused on gaming and wagering.

The New York's attorney general has recently decided on outlawing the sites. The Ohio's attorney general says that the states Legislature was the appropriate body for enacting any ban.

A spokesperson speaking for the Ohio's Casino Control Commission, said that it was the job for the governor or Legislature because Fantasy Sports did not fit neatly into the casino gaming or the skill games that is regulated by that board.