Online Slots and Sim Slots Explained

There's a bit of confusion these days regarding sim slots and online slots, people don't seem to know the difference between sim slots and online slots. So, to clear things up a bit, we'd like to say once and for all - sim slots and online slots are the same thing. Sim slots is an abbreviation for simulated slots. So sim slots are just an online version of traditional casino slot machines.

So Online Slots are Sim Slots

Today's online slots are technically all sim slots. That is, these are slot machine games that have been modified to work on the internet. So you can now spin and bet online with all the same features and benefits of a Las Vegas slot machine.

Variety of Online Slots

Online slots offer casino games with 1-5 reels, as many as 20 payout lines, mini-bonus rounds, and they have all the graphics and sounds of casino slots. The only difference is that you can play online slots from anywhere. No need to drive or fly to a crowded and noisy casino just to enjoy playing slots. Online slots usually offer better odds of winning money and fewer of the distractions of classic Vegas slot machines. Online casinos constantly add new slot casino games, so you can enjoy real money play with your favorite game or try something new.