1st and 10 Slots

In what I consider to be a fascinating introduction to any game, I am pleased to introduce the new 1st and 10 Slots. The introduction appears as a camera is panning outward to show the entire football stadium with every seat occupied. In the center, there are four footballs, two at the top and two at the bottom. The top two footballs are outlined to see the players inside one, while the second football shows the Goal Post and tells players there are free spins in the game. The bottom two footballs offer two teams: Blue and Red. In the center of the slot is an outlined football that says "Go For It!" Brilliant designing!

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

The provider is Wager Gaming Technology.

What is the Theme of this Game?

1st and 10 is a football theme-based slot.

What Type of Game is 1st and 10 Slots?

1st and 10 Slots is a 5-reel bonus video slot.

How Many Paylines Are There?

1st and 10 Slots has ten pay lines.

What Are the Betting Options?

The wagering begins with one cent up to $5, with a max bet of $50 per spin.

Is there a Bonus Feature and Free Spins in this Game?

  • There is both a bonus feature and free spins in 1st and 10 Slots.
  • First and ten, here are the important symbols: The Wild is the Quarterback in Blue and will pay out 3000 coins when you get all five on the reels. The Coach is the Scatter symbol and will initiate the Free Spins Round. There is also a Scatter Gamble Feature consisting of the Red team on reels 1, 3, and 5. All wins multiply your total bet. The third Scatter feature is the Bonus Feature with the Cheerleaders rooting for the Red Team. They appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Then there are the Helmets which represent the card symbols.
  • Bonus Round
  • When you get three Cheerleader symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, the bonus round will commence. Here you will choose to Pass, Run, or attempt a QB Sneak to make the big play. There is a prize amount associated with each play you choose. When you have finished with all selections, the bonus round ends. Players can also trigger the bonus round from the Free Spins Round. If the bonus round activates during the free spins round, the bonus award multiplies your total bet on the spin that activated the free spins round.,
  • Free Spins Round
  • Get three or more Coach symbols to begin the free spins round. The number of free spins you can receive are as follows:
  • 3-2 5 Free Spins
  • 4-10 10 Free Spins
  • 5-50 15 free spins
  • Go For It Feature
  • You can trigger the Go For It feature by getting either three Defensive Line symbols or three Linebacker symbols. The referee will bring the sticks out to measure and see if you made the first down. If it's too close, you will have to decide whether or not to Go For It. If you choose to Go For It, you can double your winnings in the Gamble Game. Or you can Punt without risking your money.

Where is the Paytable?

Click on the Yellow Paytable Button to the left of the Win Window.

What is the Return to Player for this Game?

The RTP is not yet available.

Can I Play 1st and 10 Slots in Demo Mode?

You can play 1st and 10 Slots in demo mode at our WGT Casinos.

Can I Play 1st and 10 Slots for Free?

As an Instant Play slot, you can play the game for free at WGT Casinos.

Can I Play 1st and 10 Slots for Real Money?

Join any of our WGT Casinos to play the game for real money.

Is 1st and 10 Slot Available to Mobile Players?

The game is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


1st and 10 Slots is a fantastic slot game that has several Scatter special features. The payouts are terrific, and I believe this new game will "catch" on with new players every day. I invite all football fans and US players to enjoy the new 1st and 10 Slots at our WGT casinos.