Tycoons Slots

Thanks to Betsoft's ingenious 3D creations, we are pleased to review one of the most lucrative slots online. Tycoons Slots is a progressive slot with multiple bonus features. It has been given one of the highest ratings among slot players, and has proven to be a highly valued slot game. If you remember Robin Leach's "Lives of the Rich and Famous," this slot game is strictly devoted to the rich. Play Tycoons Slots at Drake Casino and, you, too may become a tycoon in your own right.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline 3D progressive bonus video slot, Tycoons has it all. You won't find a progressive slot wherein one symbol appearing across the reels can add a 5xs multiplier to it. We are talking big bucks here, players! With a 150-coin max bet per spin, you may want to choose this wager to vie for the mother of all jackpots. However, you can also use the smaller coin denominations and still come away a big winner.

Well, Good For You Dear!

These words are spoken by a British Lady, who is just one of the four tycoons in this slot game. The others are: a Banker, a Sheik, and a Computer Whiz. The other important symbols include: the Suitcase, Bars of Gold, Money Clip with a wad of Cash, a $1 million dollar Check, Red Sports Car (which is also the Max Spin button), Laptop, Champagne, and a Dealer. Note: be sure to keep the sound on because each of the four characters has something to say to you. Moreover, the stately music is wonderful, and there are special musical stanzas devoted to each symbol when appearing in a winning combination.

The Lady, the Banker, the Sheik, and the Geek

There is a free spins round in Tycoons Slots and each of these four characters can activate it. When you see "fs" in small gold letters under any three tycoons appearing in a winning combination, you will win anywhere from 3 to 6 free spins. Moreover, the character that triggered the free spins round will then appear as a stacked wild on reels 2, 3, or 4. All wins are multiplied by 2xs.

The Gold Bars, the Cash, and the Million Dollar Check

This is perhaps one of the most lucrative bonus features in this slot game. When all three of these symbols appear simultaneously on the reels, they will re-appear so that you can choose one of them. The highest payout is 7500 coins!

Let's Play Poker

The Bonus Game is a unique and exciting one. When you get all three Dealer symbols, you will activate the Bonus Game. On a second screen you will see all four tycoons seated at a card table along with the Dealer. Your goal is to decide who among the four will win the hand. Depending upon whom you choose, your payout will be awarded at the end of the game.

Play Tycoons Slots at Drake Casino

It has been said that playing Tycoons Slots at Drake Casino could possibly make you a tycoon. Well, now is your chance to prove it. Good luck!