Casino Hold’Em

Poker's a perennial favorite in any casino, and one of the most widely played variations today is Hold'Em. Texas Hold'Em, as the game is properly called, is popular for good reason. It's an exciting, and challenging, form of a great game.

This version is called Casino Hold'Em, and while it's a simplified version of the game, it's still a lot of fun. I'd absolutely recommend it, especially if you want to learn the basics of the game before trying it out at a poker room.

The game is basic; it pits the player against the dealer, with strictly random-chance results. While you'll learn how to play this game, you won't learn how to bluff. You will learn how hands are built with the hole cards and community cards, the ranking of hands, and the chances of improving a hand on the last two cards, the turn and the river, are dealt.

Casino Hold'Em also offers a good bonus payout, if you build a good hand from the flop, or the first three community cards to be dealt out.

This game provided some good entertainment, and also a chance to exercise some basic poker skills. By giving players the choice of folding or raising after the flop is dealt, Silver Oak Casino has made the game interactive, like good poker should be. They've also added to the excitement of Hold'Em. No matter what happens to you in this game, you really do have a measure of control over your destiny. That makes Silver Oak's Casino Hold'Em a true winner.