Cosmic Quest Episode One

Play at Cosmic Quest Episode One Slots and enjoy the adrenalin paced space adventures with the pink pilot and her space money. Explore the darkness and beyond in this colorful slot brought to you by Rival Games. The graphics are cute, detailed and cartoon'y as though they leapt straight out of a children's books with comical details designed specifically for the adult sense of humor. Saddle up and strap yourself down, this is one adventure you do not want to miss out on. One of Rivals' unique i-slots, this game has a story to tell and as you play it unfolds with each bonus round making this game exciting and different every time.

Want to bet?

This lovely little game is an entertainment trip and that's for sure! This game has a very low betting range and a small max coin value so it is clear that the jackpot is not really what you are playing for, the real money is in the multi level interactive bonus round.

The coin value starts off at 1c and goes up to 25c and you can bet a maximum of 10 coins per line. So that is $2.50 per line. Over 20 paylines your maximum possible bet is $50. Instead of betting the max, keep your bet amount low so that you have a better chance of getting the bonus round or even some free spins.

By activating each of the 20 paylines you are giving yourself more options for a win, it costs to activate each one individually but at 1c this is hardly an investment to be ignored! If the bonus is your only concern the scatters activate the bonus round even if they do not fall on active paylines so even betting a single coin on a single payline can get you opening fire on space asteroids. Just remember that the winnings in the bonus round are based on your coin size and other bet settings.

The galaxy is your oyster

The pink pilot's side kick, her loyal space monkey, will deliver 10 free spins when three or more of the icons are scattered on the screen when the reels stop. Besides this the monkey has no cash value. The pink pilot also has no cash value and triggers the bonus game. Both of these are scattered symbols and don't have to be on the same payline making it just that little bit easier to play one of the extra features offered by the fun and funky game.

A rocket on the wild side

Take a wild rocket ride with the rocket that stands in for the other symbols, helping you along the way to make it easier to gather matching symbols. The wild rocket ride is definitely the symbol you need to keep a look out for because as the top payer, five on a line will pay out the top jackpot of 5,000 coins.

The other symbols are so amusing in themselves; look for the tubes filled with food, a space dog, space ship and a radar to communicate back to mother earth.

Free spins from outer space

From the safety of the mother ship to the perils of outer space 10 spins complements of mission control with your set of three space moneys give you more chances at bigger wins with the wild rocket expanding wild. An expanding wild is just that, it expands through the entire reel and takes off so that each of the 20 paylines has a wild symbol in the combination.

You definitely want to be on this bonus game

Free spins are great but the definite star of the game is the Asteroid Blasteroid Bonus game. All you need is three of the Pink Pilots for the reels to dissipate and the night sky to open up for an arcade style game of shooting up the night sky. There are 5 levels and a limitless amount of outcomes, so let the games begin and start stacking up some good old credits so you can come right back to play again.

Interact and entertain this is definitely your game

Out of this world features that will have you on the edge of your seat, what would be the point of enabling autoplay! Download your favorite rival gaming casino software and start playing now.