Crazy Jewelery Slots

Just released by Rival comes another fabulously animated 3D slot game called Crazy Jewelry Slots. The video introduction finds a white-bearded man (who looks a great deal like Santa) driving his red car through the streets of an unknown town to his jewelry shop. Once there, the action begins. As the iron door opens, the contents of his store are revealed. But take a look to the left and you will see a highly muscular guard, wearing a flack jacket, and who, every now and then, takes a look at his very expensive watch. Crazy Jewelry Slots is a very user-friendly slot game that you are going to enjoy without question. You can download and play Crazy Jewelry Slots at our featured casinos or play it in flash anywhere anytime you have an internet connection.

Crazy Jewelry Game Facts

A 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot game, Crazy Jewelry Slots has a coin size ranging from 1¢ to $5, with a maximum bet of $500 per spin. Not for the feint of heart; this slot game will no doubt payout big time. After all, we are talking about some pretty expensive jewelry and betting the maximum will garner you the highest rewards. Be sure to read the paytable before you begin playing as it provides important information about the symbols as well as the winning combinations.

The Symbols

Crazy Jewelry Slots has seven symbols that will pay out handsomely in this slot game. There is the guard, the safe, gold bullion, loose stones, a necklace, a large diamond, the jeweler, diamond studded watch, and stacked boxes as the wild symbol.

Bonus Features

The wild symbols substitutes for all other symbols in Crazy Jewelry Slots. But the Jeweler Bonus Game will surprise and delight you. When you get 3 or more Jeweler symbols, you will activate the bonus game. Now the fun begins! When the bonus game is activated, the guard will let you into the store. The Jeweler has on display various stones for you to look at. However, unbeknownst to you, a thief entered the store before you came in and switched some of the authentic stones with glass stones. Your mission is to test one stone at a time that you want the jeweler to authenticate. For every authentic stone you select, you will be awarded 10 bonus credits. These bonus credits will be multiplies by your line bet and the amount of active win lines. However, if any 3 stones you choose are made of glass, the stone will break and the bonus game will end.

Surprise Bonus

If you select 4 authentic stones of one kind, you will win additional bonus credits. The stones are divided into four types: the diamond (worth the most); the jade; the emerald; and the ruby stone. Now the thief also made it a bit difficult for you by switching the stones worth the most. Stones of lower value were switched with glass. Therefore, stones that are worth the most will be difficult to select.

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