The iBankG difference is one that is felt from the moment that you start doing business with them, but at the same time there are many ways that you benefit directly from utilizing iBankG that you might not even realize are there. The best advantages are really the ones that are so integral to the operation of the website that you don’t immediately recognize them and there are many of these inherent to the features that iBankG brings to the table.

Linking Accounts

One of the things that you can do with iBankG is link your account to another account that you already have. This means that you can use your currently existing credit card account, debit card account or checking account in order to create an iBankG account. This allows you to transfer money back and forth between accounts as well as use iBankG as an online surrogate for your current account if you don’t feel like changing banks. The linking account aspect of using iBankG allows you a level of flexibility that would not normally be seen in bank accounts.

No limits

One of the most annoying things about online payment processors is the limits that they sometimes set. While these limits are not reached by some people, the people that need to transact amounts that really exceed what these limits offer are people that can become understandably frustrated by the lack of progress inherent to an online payment processor that has limits. However, with iBankG what you actually get is an online financial institution rather than an online payment processor and that means that the limits that you might experience elsewhere are not going to be a problem when you do transactions with iBankG.

Lower Fees

Just as you might become annoyed at accounts that have limits, so too might you become annoyed at accounts that seem to have fees for everything. In the modern banking world, that pretty much applies to any offline banking account. However, when you consider iBankG, what you really get is an online financial institution that allows you unlimited accounts without fees attached to creating new ones and unlimited transfers between accounts, once again without fees attached. You can also create accounts in multiple currencies, something you would not be able to do at banks without ridiculous fees being attached to the service being provided.

24/7 Service

The iBankG service is one that might come as a little bit surprising to most people and the rich amount of features that they bring to the table might take a little getting used to. Fortunately, iBankG allows you to really sink your teeth into all of their features as soon as possible through the use of 24/7 service. Whenever you need help with something, all you have to do is contact their live chat customer service and receive the help that you need. It’s quick, easy, efficient and free, all of which are excellent things to have in a customer support line.

Should you trust iBankG?

Several of our visitors complained about iBankG and not because they are not happy about the service, but because they do not trust iBankG. The reason? First of all the website domain is registered for two years and respectable web sites do it for much longer. Second, they use shared web server. Well, we are not claiming the website is state of the art or have Federal Reserve reputation, but 4 years passed since site started to operate and it's still there and prepaid till 2011. Regarding shared web server. Many of great sites use them now. They are cheap, reliable enough and provide good service. So at least from our point of view there is nothing to worry about.