How Do No-Sweat Bets Work

We all want to make bets without the anxiety that comes with the potential of losing, which is why no-sweat bets exist. This is promotional content available on sports betting sites, we're talking free bets, odd boosts, and deposit matches. Much like your typical casino promotions section, if a site also features a sportsbook, there are oftentimes promotions associated with this section. We're going to break down every sportsbook bonus, and deep dive into FanDuel's no-sweat bet promotions.

The first bonus I'm going to talk about is a signup promotion. Players can claim a $1,000 first bet new user sign-up promotion. FanDuel offers these bets for existing users throughout the entirety of the year, too! An example of one of those bets is $25 same-game parlay on Thursday Night Football.

What is a FanDuels No-Sweat First Bet?

In the past, these kinds of bets were previously described as 'risk-free bets' but FanDuel has changed the name of these promotions because they found 'risk-free bet' as a tagline is somewhat misleading. There is no such thing as truly risk-free betting. If you happen to lose while betting, you'll still lose a portion of your initial deposit. However, that doesn't make FanDuel's promotions any less lucrative! Now I'm going to go over in detail how FanDuel's first bet sign-up offer works.

Step 1. Sign up using the link.

Step 2. Make a deposit of $10 to $1,000. Make your first bet with your full deposit amount and if you win, you can keep the original cash you bet, in addition to the winnings. However, if your bet happens to lose, you'll get free bets back equal to the amount you lost. The free bets expire in 14 days, so you need to use them fast.

So let's go through a specific example of how this bonus works. So if I decide to bet the total bet of $1,000 and put it all on the Vikings money line against the Eagles in Week 2 at +170. If the Vikings Win, I'll receive the original $1,000 and an additional $1,700 because the line was +170. If the Vikings lose, I'll receive $1,000 back in free bets. Afterward, if I place another $500 bet on the Chargers +120 against the Chiefs, and they lose, and I place another $500 free bet on the Giants +115 against the Partners, and they win, I won't recoup the original $500 stake from the Giant's Bet, but I'll win $575. So now with my $1,000 deposit, I only have $575 in my account, and I've lost $425.

How Do Free Bets Operate?

So say you Bet $25 on FanDuels NFL Week 1 Between the Broncos and Seahawks for Monday Night Football, and one of their players scores a touchdown, you receive +260. However, say the player didn't score, then you'll receive $25 back in free bets, but you don't need to spread the entirety of $25 on one free bet, you can spread it out across other games, by betting $5 on football, $5 on basketball or $5 on baseball.