Dice and Fire Slots

Dice and Fire Slots is a combination of dice and cards. Fortunately, there are also three special symbols in this game which I welcome wholeheartedly. I have to accept the fact that the card symbols are important to this game and, thankfully, there are only four of them. This game looks to be quite interesting, and I am eager to play so I can report my findings to you.

About the Game

Once again, we are dealing with Bonus Points, but I consider them to be payouts nonetheless. Dice and Fire is a 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video slot. The max bet is $100 per spin. But you can use the lower denominations and still enjoy your game play. There is an auto play button available. I do recommend, however, that you read the all important pay table as it contains the symbols, payouts, and special features.

Playing the Game

Initially, when you take a first glance at this slot game you will think it’s all above dice and cards. Well, as far as the cards are concerned, they do yield significant payouts. Get all five Aces to win 600 coins; 5 Kings to win 500 coins; 5 Queens to win 400 coins; and five Jacks to win 300 coins. As for the die, beginning from 1 to 6, I would consider them the low paying symbols. Now that’s a switch! But, when you go to page 3 of the pay table, this is where the game gets interesting. There are three special symbols shown. The first is the Bonus Green Dragon; the second is The Scatter Coin; and the third is the Wild Buddha. Get all five Buddhas to win 5000 coins. When the Buddha appears in a winning combination, the payouts will be substantial. Moreover, the Buddha is the Fire in this game.

The Bonus Green Dragon

When you get three Dragon symbols on an active pay line, you will win up to 7575 bonus points in the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round. The winning range is as follows: 3 Dragons = 10 – 2525 BP; 4 Dragons = 20 to 5050 PB; and 5 Dragons = 30 - 7575 BP.

The Scatter Coin

When you get three or more Coin symbols anywhere on the reels, you will win up to 12 free spins. The breakdown is as follows: 3 Coins = 12 free spins with a 3xs multiplier; 4 Coins = 12 free spins with a 5xs multiplier; and 5 Coins = 12 free spins with a 10xs multiplier. Here I did win 12 free spins for a total of $375 on a $60 bet.

The Gamble Game

You can quadruple your winnings when you play the Gamble Game. Guess the correct card suit, red or black, and you will win.


This is a lucrative game to play considering the free spins and bonus round. I highly recommend you play Dice and Fire Slots at our participating casinos.