Natural8 Casino

Not all casino sare created alike, which is one of the things that has catapulted online casinos to the very forefront of the gambling matrix. Leading the wave of new entrants on to the scene is Natural8 Casino ; which combines the convenience of gaming in the online space, with the breadth of offerings by land-based gaming spots.

The first thing you notice when you land on the website is the striking black, white and red landing page - this is a true spot for serious gamers. The banner displays all the best Poker, as well as the latest promotions and Live Table Game opportunities.

1. Natural8 Casino Promotions

As mentioned above, there’s an easy way to access any of the ongoing promotions at Natural8 Casino - just follow the direction on the landing page. They’ll start you off with the $100,000 Hold ‘em Chase game that is open to all players who are 18 and older. This particular promotion is slated for the month of October, but is certain to return in other incarnations throughout the year. You can check your Rank, Points earned, Prize Earned and other important menu items right on the screen as gameplay ratchets up.

If Texas Hold ‘em Chase has never much been your cup of tea, or if you like it as well as other options, then Natural8 has got you covered with the Big Hand Jackpot promotion. The tally that’s available here is a game-changing $10,000,000. Yes; you read that right - 10 million dollars! The Instant Cash prize is accessible to extremely lucky players who hit the Royal Flush, the Straight Flush, and the Four of a Kind; the award here is easily in the thousands and tens-of-thousands of dollars. Getting your hands on the jackpot to end all jackpots, however, is more involved, and takes some real skill and luck - but it’s accessible to all legal players.

There’s also the Weekly Mission Promotion that consists of grabbing the $5,000 Freeroll prize; you can be in the running for this one if you play at Natural8 Casino every day and complete the mission. There’s actually a page accessible from your newly created casino account that reads “Weekly Mission”; by clicking on it, you are directed to a page that tells you precisely what your weekly mission will be.

The final promotion that we’ll cover here is the $100,000 AoF Festival that generally runs in September of each year, and is replaced by similarly lucrative ones after that month has passed (so be sure to check the Promotions section of Natural8 Casino regularly). In order to automatically get an invitation to the AoF Festival Tourney, you have to play a certain, listed number of hands at any blinds. It’s a good strategy to play each and every single day to increase your hands count, and thus your opportunity to enroll in that $100,000 prize pot tournament.

2. Natural8 Tournament Play

Tournament Play - the title rings out for all to hear and respond for a shot at huge jackpots and gamers from all the worldwide. To give you an example of one of the monetary amounts that are available at Natural8Bet Casino, consider a recent value of the Big Hand Jackpot: $45,875.22. Another example is the AoF Jackpot that delivered a whopping $712,357 into the bank account of a lucky poker tournament player recently.

Furthermore, Natural8Bet Casino has facilitated betting with a proprietary new tournament staking software that integrates the act of staking directly into the Natural8 App on your Android or iOS device. It’s a new investment paradigm that allows many more options of how you might win some money if the hands of luck point in your direction. The dashboard is comprehensive and easy to read, giving you a bird’s eye view of the tournament players and the amounts they’ve staked in the action. Check out the Staking Tournament section to understand better how it works - the basics allow you to win, for example, $100 on a $10 stake, with 5% of the total win going to your backer; the backer is the person who’s bought a fraction of your “action”. The details are better explained more comprehensively on the website.

Other Tournament Options at Natural8Bet

Even if you’ve already been the casino all week, make sure that you don’t miss Sunday’s here - it’s the day of the big $100,000 prize plus freeroll events! Although you’ve got a chance to win the $100,000 every single day of the week if you engage in tournament play, this feature is doubled in value on the final day of the weekend. Natural8Bet has got exciting poker games running all day, giving you a chance to pit your capacity for stoicism and heady play against players of all skills in the digital realm. Check out the following for an idea of just how all-in this online casino goes:

  • Daily Guarantees Tournament Format: This is actually a suite of different tournaments; the point is, when all is said and done, there’s a possibility that you could win up to $100,000 on every weekday; Monday through Friday. On Sundays, this amount is doubled in value. There are actually a host of such guarantees, and they are color-coded with Blue, Green and Red. There’s a $20,000 prize pool and $88 Main Event from which to choose on those days, too, with the $88 being the buy-in for the chance at $20,000. Check out Natural8Bet Casino to see what the Red Series, Blue Series, Yellow Series and Green Series buy-in tournaments can give you access to.
  • Bounty Hunters Tournaments: These are the fabled Natural8Bet Casino knockout tourneys; we’ll get more in depth on these below. The full offering is paired with the Freezeout format; all the prize pools are 2x on Sundays - with x being the standard weekday guaranteed prize. The buy-ins for the Bounty Hunters games range from about $2 to a maximum of $32 - with thousands of dollars in guaranteed prize pools at the end. Stay in the game to partake!
  • Omaholic Tournaments: Named after Omaha, Nebraska, these tourneys run thrice per day - all days of the week. There’s a crucial difference on the weekends, however; on Sunday, all the prizes increase in value by a factor of 2x. The buy-ins are very minimal, and you get to pit your poker and blackjack skills against the rest.
  • The Celestial Heavens of the Orient - The Chinese Zodiac Freeroll Tournament: As befits the name, these tournaments are downright heavenly; in fact, they are frequent, too - every couple of hours, you can engage in one and receive your Mandarin character signifier. You can choose between a snake, goat, horse, rooster, monkey, rat, dog, pig, ox, dragon, tiger or rabbit. If you want to get fully into the game, consider purchasing a buy-in ticket as a Bounty Hunter, at $31.5 in the first slot; with the second and third Poker being considerably cheaper. You’re almost there - just download the Natural8Bet Casino software and begin playing today. The poker games here run hot and heavy, and you’ll want to be a member to take full advantage of them on your desktop pc, iOS-supported mobile device or Android.
  • T(Dollar) Builder - T$ Builder Tournament: This is a poker series tournament that, unlike all of the others, doesn’t take any money from the buy-in as an administration fee. This means that every single dime that you put in goes directly to the prize pool! Furthermore, although it’s classified as a tournament, it can be played with as few as two players; there’s a round that begins every half hour. You never miss a shot at playing, as a result, and you don’t have to wait for the cap to reach its minimum before the game commences. The lowest buy-in amount is always $1, and the highest to date has been $8 - although Natural8Bet Casino reserves the right to change these numbers as they see fit.
  • Phoenix Rebuy Tournament: In legend, the phoenix was an indestructible bird that rose from ashes into a stellar rebirth. This tournament takes on its name from the mythical bird, by increasing the value of rebuys from what they would ordinarily be. For more information, be sure to read the description at Natural8Bet Casino in the general Tournament section.

Along with the above, you’ll be privy to Guaranteed Tournaments at Natural8Bet Casino. In these, there’s an assured prize pool of $2000 that will be delved out no matter what happens - even if the entire buy-in tally from all of the tournament players is less than $2000. You get the best of both worlds in the sense that if the buy-in tally exceeds this amount, then the higher monetary award is released.

Yet another attractive attribute of the casino is the so-called Progressive Bounty - it adds an extra dimension of fun to an already exhilarating bout of tournament play. Every player has a bounty on their head (yes by that we mean like those on bandits like in the Old Western movies). You can increase the bounty on your head by using your skills - and a healthy serving of luck, of course - to knock players out and thus add their bounty to your own. By reducing the number of players and increasing the amount per player, you and any other winners stand a chance at a really great cash prize at the end - if you can stay in the game, of course. And then, the Freeze-out portion begins, in which the remaining players are eliminated in order to eventually crown the king.

3. Natural8 Casino Games

As you settle into the casino lobby once you've downloaded the Natural8 Casino app, you will have access to popular casino table games such as Baccarat, Casino Poker, Blackjack into many variations, and SicBo. All of these games are provably fair – which is particularly important when you're playing in the virtual space without recourse to floor managers.

Most of these games are also available in the tournament section, where you can rev up the excitement and play against other online casino gamers from all over the world (as long as the jurisdiction allows virtual gambling). There are VIP Freerolls, which entices you to consider joining up and becoming even more of a member, with a larger commitment to gaming at Natural8. The Real Money Poker tournaments are always lit, and you are welcome to join for your piece of the considerable pie.

This is also the place to try No-Limit Hold 'Em, All-In or Fold tournament games, or Pot-Limit Omaha. Check out one of the Featured Tables for an intense table game; once you make the rounds here and still need something on which to bet, head to the Natural8 Sports Casino for some sports-betting.

4. Natural8 Payment Scheme

Payment methods at Natural8Bet Casino are pretty straightforward for all players of allowed countries. One here, you will see that they allow a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, including Bitcoin, ethereum (a slightly less popular digital currency), Europay, Visa MasterCard, Neteller, Moneybookers’ Skrill and others. You must, of course, be at least 18 years of age to actively engage the website.

Natural8 Deposits

Using the Natural8 app on your mobile device, you can quickly and efficiently make deposits in the new, streamlined process supported by the casino. We will get to Withdrawals in the coming section; but for deposits, the details are as follows:

With the above-listed digital coin methods, the fee for transactions is free, and they process within a couple of hours. The minimum amount you can make with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any of the other highly secure and simple virtual money is $10. The maximum amount that you can withdraw at any single time is $1,000. Natural8 Casino is always adding new methods such as XRP, so keep this in mind as you regularly visit the casino. Send an email to the Facebook page to find out more regarding Ecopayz and Bitcoin Cash.

Next up, we have Neteller as a deposit method; simply create your new, free account and fund it using your bank account or credit card. You can also use a wire transfer to send money directly to your Neteller; for use at Natural8 Casino, make sure that your email address on the Neteller account matches the one you use for the casino sign-up. It adds an extra layer of security.

Similarly, Moneybookers’ Skrill is a type of eWallet used internationally. It is not cryptocurrency; just use your credit card or bank to fund your newly-created account to start playing Poker, table games and tournaments at Natural8 Casino. There are no charges or fees for using Skrill - but make sure to use the same email address when signing up as you did when you created a casino account.

If you prefer to draw directly from your bank account, Natural8 Casino accepts MAestro (a Mastercard option) debit deposits and withdrawals. All of the transactions are secure, and enjoy the highest levels of encryption.

Natural8 Withdrawals

With cryptocurrency, you can receive withdrawals to your Bitcoin address or Ethereum wallet. Just request a payout in either of these and make sure your withdrawal amount is not below the minimum $10 or above the maximum $1,000 for any single transaction.

As concerns Neteller, you can also make withdrawals to your Neteller account from your Natural8 account - this is why the identical email address requirement from the deposits section is so important. It allows the casino to quickly confirm that the withdrawal winnings are going to the correct person. It usually requires about 24 hours for the withdrawal to completely process, and then the funds are yours to do with as you see fit.

At Natural8 Casino, you cannot make withdrawals to your Mastercard or Visa card; you can only make deposits. When done, the charge can take up to a business week to appear on your billing statement.

Lastly, you can also use your Paysafecard and ecoPayz accounts for withdrawals (as well as deposits). For the ecoPayz card, the maximum limit is a bit different than from the other methods: it’s $2,500. Send an email or call for Support if you need it; Natural8 Casino Customer Service staff are knowledgeable and courteous; you can even reach them via Facebook.