Dash for Cash

Cleverly designed with the slot inside a large tree trunk, we invite you to play a very unusual slot game called Dash for Cash Slots available at Drake Casino. This is a squirrel theme-based slot, with a bonus round that will have you as engaged as if you were playing Donkey Kong. (Yes, I am dating myself), but the premise is still the same.

Game Facts

A classic 3-reel, 1-payline bonus video slot, Dash for Cash has coin denominations starting at 5 cents to $5, with a max bet of $15. When you bet the max, you will find that with each win (three of the same symbols with or without a wild); a number will appear on the center line. This number, multiplied by your trigger bet, is your winning payout. More about this feature will be explained in the next section. The jackpot is 1500 coins, but with this particular slot pays out with more frequently than most.


The symbols in Dash for Cash Slots are commensurate with the theme and include: The Squirrel, Pine Cones, Trees, Sevens, Nuts, Dash for Cash Icon, and the Wild Icon. When you view the pay table, note the word "coins" at the bottom right hand section of the pay table. When you click on it, it will provide you with payouts when two, four, or six coins are wagered. These numbers, multiplied by your trigger bet, equals your payout win.

Dash for Cash Bonus Round

When you get three Dash for Cash icons with or without using the wild icons, you will activate the Dash for Cash bonus round. The object of this interactive game is to help the squirrel retrieve as many nuts as he can as he climbs up the trees. The trick is the watch the screen carefully. When the arrows are shown, you have to quickly use the same arrows on the keyboard. Admittedly, this is not an easy task. Those of you who are experienced playing video gamers will no doubt have a problem. Once all the nuts are gathered, the grand prize is awarded.

Play Dash for Cash Slots at Drake Casino

One of the most unique of all classic slots, we are sure that you will want to play Dash for Cash Slots at Drake Casino and gather those nuts. Many have tried and failed. Can you meet this challenge?