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Barney Frank isn’t the only one who wants to repeal the UIGEA Law. In an article by Mark Gibbs, writer at Network World, he cited that US players wagered over $8 billion dollars online in 2009. Clearly, US players not only want to repeal the UIGEA Law, but demand it. In a US News and World Report Poll, 91% said yes when asked if online gambling should be legalized.

Pointing out in his article that state lotteries and tribal gambling has not been outlawed, Mr. Gibbs presents a valid argument for the legalization of online gambling. He cited that while tribal gaming garners more than $28 billion dollars a year and state lotteries take in over $75 billion a year; legalized gambling would generate $40 billion in tax revenues over the next ten years.

The question Mr. Gibbs asks is a valid one: If we have tribal gambling and state lotteries, why not internet gambling? US players are asking a similar question, albeit: Why can’t we gamble online? It’s our money, pure and simple.