Youteller is a brand new e-wallet solution for US gambling community. Just recently Youteller got FSA approval and planned to be operational in March 2007, but legal issues with Neteller caused delay in launch.

Youteller is designed by finance professionals with following next of principles in mind:

  • Legal stability - Registered in England & Wales, Youteller has no branches outside UK and as a result it's not affected by US legislation
  • Simplicity for users - both individuals and corporates. Youteller suppose to be very similar to Neteller, players used to.
  • Reasonable prices. Opening and closing an account, sending and receiving money are all free, depositing funds - 3.5% plus $0.50 and withdrawal - 1.0% plus $5 if you use Credit Card.
The current state of the Youteller progress is unknown. The current launch estimation is the summer 2024 .

Youteller casino

No casino is using Youteller yet, but as long as Youteller start to operate many casino vendors would like to allow their clients to use Youteller. We will be happy to publish here first online Youteller casino. Stay tuned.

Yourteller update - no casinos, lots of alternatives

As time pass we became more and more convinced that Yourteller didn't take off. None of the known online casino brands started to use Yourteller and the chances are they never will.

But the good news are there are plenty of ways to deposit money to online casino of your choice. Here are just several reliable banking methods for US players: