Apple Pay

First, you may want to know what Apple Pay is. It is a digital wallet, much like PayPal. Although this form of payment if relatively new, it is catching on especially at online casinos. In order to use this form of payment, ensure that the casino you are joining accepts Apple Pay.

How to Use Apply Pay

Apple Pay is utilized by all iPhone 6 and 7 models, the latest iPad mini, Apply watch, and Mac Book Pro. You will also need one major credit or debit card. The next step would be to sign into your iCloud account and use your Apple ID info. Open the wallet app, add your credit or debit card, and continue to follow the instructions given. Your information will then be reviewed and your card will be approved for use.

How to Make Deposits at an Online Casino

To make an online deposit at your casino, you have to first determine if that casino accepts Apple Pay. If so, log into your account then log into your Apple ID account when asked. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, read the terms and conditions, then when prompted, click on Accept. You payment will be made instantly. Once your funds appear in your account, you can begin play. For withdrawals, you may find this action a bit daunting. Since Apple Pay is new it may not show up as a withdrawal option. If this occurs, use PayPal as your back-up option. If PayPal is not an option (most online casinos do not accept PayPal), then you will have to speak to customer service to choose a third withdrawal option.