CLAM is the newest cryptocurrency to hit the market, and it is becoming very popular. According to sources, CLAM has no manipulations, and it giving stability that other cryptocurriencies lack. Moreover, it was developed by sending CLAM tokens to 3.1 million unique addresses that were taken from Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dodgecoin blockchains. At the end of this public offering, each address was given an average of 4.605 CLAM.

About CLAM

As a result of the sending out of CLAM tokens, a P2P CLAM network was formed. This network interconnects the computers that run it so that the network is independent and can ensure the verification of transfers and creation of CLAM. CLAM is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency used to pay rewards to network’s active users. Moreover, the network automatically selects an unlocked client to process CLAM transactions, and rewards them with one CLAM. This network provides safety and security while prices become stabilized over time.