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Currently, Cubits is the leading source for buying and selling Bitcoins in Europe. Cubits was established in 2014, and to date more individuals are using Cubits to buy and sell Bitcoins than ever before. Bitcoins is the leading payment method for funding online casinos. While Cubits is not available to US players, it is available to global players.

Signing up for the Cubits Bitcoin Wallet

At the Cubits site, you can use the online form to buy and/or sell Bitcoins. You can use many methods to complete this payment process. Once you purchase Bitcoins, you can put them in your Bitcoin Wallet and deposit and withdraw at any time. As for online casinos, if you look at their payment methods and determine they accept Bitcoins as a banking currency, you can use Cubits to fund your casino accounts. You may also want to note that many online casinos that accept Bitcoins provide a tutorial on how to properly fund your casino account as well as how to buy Bitcoins.

How Does Cubits Operate?

Because they are the leading Bitcoin provider, they use an all-inclusive platform with which you can buy, sell, and use Bitcoins to fund your casino accounts. To purchase the Bitcoins through Cubits, you can use a myriad of credit cards and bank accounts. Buying and/or selling Bitcoins is all the rage today, and it is great to know that Bitcoins are the safest and most secure form of making online payments in the world. This is due to the fact that you have total anonymity.

Can I Use Credit Cards to Purchase Bitcoins from Cubits?

The answer is yes. As mentioned they accept many credit cards to buy the Bitcoins for your Wallet. This is one of the greatest achievements of Bitcoin use since many banks refuse to accept credit cards for payments to online casinos. Therefore, when you buy Bitcoins through Cubits, you will be able to fund any online casino worldwide that accepts them.

Can US Players Use Cubits?

No. They are the only exception since Cubits is European based. But US players can purchase Bitcoins through other means and still be able to fund their online casino accounts that accept Bitcoins. As you may have noticed, more and more US casinos are adding Bitcoins to their payment methods. In fact, recently we have seen even more cryptocurrencies added including Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Buy Bitcoins from Cubits

If you wish to buy or sell Bitcoins, we recommend our global players use Cubits. The process is easy, safe, and secure. As for our US players, you can certainly purchase Bitcoins through such sites as CoinBase and others. No one is left out from trying to purchase Bitcoins as a new form of payment.