Playing Casino Games in Connecticut

Whilst the fine state of Connecticut does not boast many land based casinos, those that are to be found within Connecticut state borders are simply huge, offering the largest possible variety of casino games and some of the best casino entertainment to be found in the entire US. Whilst laws in the state are as strict as most states, Connecticut has embraced casino gambling and the revenue streams generated from it are a more than welcome boost to the local economy. As far as playing casino games online is concerned then Connecticut has no specific rules that relate to this, and whilst there are no laws at federal level other than those that place restrictions on financial institutions, residents of Connecticut are free to enjoy those games that are offered online too.

Land Based Casinos in Connecticut

As mentioned there are only a few land based casinos in Connecticut, 3 in fact, but those 3 are immense establishments. All of them are on Indian owned land and they are the Foxwoods Resort Casino, the MGM Grand Casino and the Mohegan Sun Casino and between them they are 3 of the biggest casino’s in the United States. The Foxwoods has 5 million square feet of gaming space with 380 tables and more than 7,000 slots. More than 40,000 visitors every day pass through its doors to enjoy the 15 different table games on offer and the worlds largest bingo hall. It has staged the World Poker Tour and the facilities are simply astounding. The MGM grand is on the same Indian territory as the Foxwoods, in fact they are connected by a walkway. With 1,400 slots, fifty tables of Blackjack , Roulette, Craps and other table games, it is a huge casino but also acts as one of the largest entertainment centers in the state. There are also 2 golf courses and a world renowned spa. Then we have the Mohegan Sun the second biggest casino in the US, behind only to Foxwoods, with a gaming area of 365,000 feet and it’s offering will rival anything you will find in the gambling capitals of Las Vegas and Macau. These 3 casinos give a massive boost to the local economy, providing thousands of jobs and generating millions of tax revenue each year. As you can see, whilst limited in number, they are huge in size, providing residents in Connecticut and indeed tourists access to some of the best casino entertainment in the world.

Online Casinos For Residents of Connecticut

Residents of Connecticut also have the freedom to play casino games online. Just like fall states, there are no laws against playing your favorite games in an online casino and many residents of Connecticut do just that. They will find that many online casino’s will welcome them with open arms, offer welcome bonuses and reward all of them with generous loyalty programs. Online casino’s offer a great alternative to brick and mortar establishments with huge amounts of online slots and all the table games that you may think of. The only law regarding playing in an online casino is geared towards banks and financial institutions and residents do not fall into that category. They are extremely popular, safe and secure and enjoyed by millions of people who enjoy playing casino games from the comfort of their own home.

Casino Games in Connecticut Summary

In summary, as far as playing casino games in Connecticut is concerned then residents have two very good options, that of some of the biggest and best casinos in the world are available to them, as is the option of playing in an online casino too. It’s worth noting that many of the slots available at the 3 casinos that we have looked at are indeed available to play online, as are of course all of the table games.