Probability PLC is looking at the US market with high hopes.

One of the more prominent UK based mobile casino software companies is aggressively making their way on over to the evolving US legalized online gaming market. Now that more and more states are starting to embark upon making their mark and taking advantage of the online gaming market, that means more European built companies like Probability PLC are on their way. The most recent states to legalize online gaming include Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey with a host of others taking a serious look at it as well. Nevada has legalized the ability to develop compacts with other states so that it’s operators can have access to a larger player base with other legalized states. As more and more gamblers are coming online to play, they are also using their smart phones to play on the go, or simply don’t want to turn on their computers to play a couple rounds of online slots. Probability PLC in Europe has become a major player in the online mobile casino business developing some of the hottest gaming software out there. Now they want to break it to U.S. market and one way to do that is develop partnerships with established and licensed operators and gaming related companies. And by the sounds of it they are getting lots of interest by the American gaming community of companies already. “Within a couple of years, half the population of the United States will live either in a state or very close to somewhere they can gamble for real money through their mobile phone or desktop,” Probability Chief Executive Charles Cohen said in an interview. People love their mobile devices and the growing market means that companies like Probability can get in early and claim there territory and gain market share on the huge dollars forecasted for the industry. The global online gambling market, valued at 21.73 billion euros ($28.43 billion) in 2012, is forecast to grow almost 30 percent over the next three years, according to gambling research group H2 Gambling Capital.

Currently, Probability has some of the largest players in the European online gaming market using their mobile software including Paddy Power PLC and William Hill PLC. Both large public companies that have been in the market a long time and are aggressively marketing their mobile offerings. Mobile gaming as expected is on the path to growing fast and exponentially in the next few years. Probability will essentially be poised to dominate the US market if they infiltrate it with the right partners. At this point Probability has a market value of $34 million, not bad for a company that just went public in 2006. Probability’s market is in the UK is primarily women playing slot games on their Apple iPhones, much like the typical casino demographic skewed mainly to the female base. Either way, the mobile gaming market is about to boom in the US and they will be in the right place at the right time by the looks of it.

Even though their players may be on Apple iPhones, the Android platform is picking up steam fast for gamers. On major point made by the CEO as he feels that people won’t be playing much on their PC’s much in the future, but will moving to mobile devices as the leading way to play, "I think that desktop is dead as a platform for real money gaming ... and consumers are frankly voting with their feet already," Cohen said. He also claims according to his estimates that mobile will account for over 60 percent of the entire gaming market in about 3 to 5 years.

One of the other plans for the company is to get into social gaming but at this time hasn’t zeroed in on any partners. Right now Probability is focused on getting into the US market with some high profile partners that will catapult them into the gaming stratosphere there. The question is whether other competitive large mobile gaming companies are hot on their tracks this market. Or there may be some new US based companies coming out of the woodwork that have something Probability doesn’t.

It’s really anyone’s market at this point and Probability is ready to secure their territory. They haven’t disclosed to anyone who they will be partnering with but rest assured it’s going to be someone big. Like they say, go big or go home, and that’s exactly what Probability is thinking at this point in time looking at the US mobile gaming marketplace and which partnership with give them the biggest bang for their buck.