You heard correctly! Apparently Stellar Lumens has given and will continue to give away its coins over the next 10 years in an effort to “invest in their future success.” Good luck there! Who is Stellar Lumens? Lumens is the asset of the Stella network. It is considered a native asset meaning that the lumens are built into their network. Asset can be referred to how the network sees an item of value that is stored on a ledger. Thus, one Lumen is a unit of digital currency much like Bitcoin. Lumens allow for the ability to move money around the world as well as conducting transactions in different currencies in and safe and secure manner. Stellar Lumens uses blockchain technology, much like the other thousand or so crypto currencies. What purpose does Stellar Lumens serve? They play a small role in anti-spam and they also facilitate multi-currency transactions. The Stellar network requires all users to have a minimum of 20 lumens. This will ensure that the accounts are authentic. This writer, after hours of research on crypto currencies, has to say that many of these new currencies may be real or simply a scam. It is notable that most of these currencies are based on the Bitcoin protocol, and we can say with definitive accuracy that Bitcoin is still the number one crypto currency in the world.

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