Beating Online Roulette

Can you beat online roulette? Some players seem to think so and will give you their secret formula for a price. As one who often plays online roulette, there is no secret to a successful run. You just have to play smart and, with a little bit of luck, you can probably come out a winner. Having said that, let’s entertain some of these “secrets” to beat online roulette for just a moment. Some players advise you to bet on the higher numbers only, and some posit that betting on specific columns, say 1-34 along with the color red will allow you to achieve a winning streak. This is based on the theory that numbers in red will come out more than those in black. We put this theory to the test. Out of 10 plays, we hit numbers 1-34 only three times. Betting $25 per number, we won $450 but bet a total of $1500. We then play five numbers representing birth dates. We bet $25 for 10 plays and only hit the special numbers twice. Once again, cover our entire $1500 in wagers.

Play Red

We then decided to bet $25 on red. Out of 10 spins, we hit red six times. Thus we bet $250 total and won $150. Although still a loss, the odds were a bit better playing red than playing one number or a series of numbers. We then played the bottom 12 numbers at $25 a spin. Out of 10 plays, only one number in our group won. All other nine spins were numbers in the 1-12 spots.

How to Win Playing Online Roulette?

There is no fast and easy rule to winning online roulette. However, what you shouldn’t do is cover the board or bet several numbers that, in the end, will wipe out your initial bets. Playing your favorite numbers, numbers that you would play Lotto’s Pick 3 and 4 may be the best solution. At least you have a fair chance of recovering your total bets at the end. But there is one way you can be a winner and stay ahead of the game before Playing Online Roulette.

Join a Roulette Casino Offering a Large Welcome Bonus

One of the advantages of playing online roulette versus playing at a land-based casino is that you can receive a very large welcome bonus. For example, when you join Liberty Slots Casino, you will receive a $777 welcome bonus over the first 3 deposits. This is the casino’s money you can use to play online roulette. So even if you lose, you win! You can also enter their Roulette Tournaments to vie for the Pot. Now that is the best way to beat online roulette.