VIP Programs at USA Casinos

One of the many benefits available to players at online USA casinos is the VIP Program. In order to keep you apprised of just how wonderful VIP Program is, we will describe it in depth, along with all the participating online casinos that feature it.

What Is the VIP Plan?

The VIP Plan is a unique rewards program. It is designed to give loyal players cash rewards, entry into sweepstakes, and merchandise. Each participating casino has its own rewards points program. This allows players to engage in slot games or any other type of casino game in which points obtained can take you to higher levels in the plan.

Who are the Participating Casinos Offering the VIP Program?

What Are the Reward Levels at These USA Casinos?

For every $10 you play on specific Casino Games, you receive points based on a certain level. At VIP Slots Casino, the levels include: Amber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. You will earn points based on the level and the game. Here is the breakdown:

  • The Amber Level will award you 16 points for every $10 played on slots
  • The Bronze Level (for players with 10,000 points or more) awards 18 points
  • The Silver Level (for players with 25,000 points or more) gives 20 points
  • The Gold Level (for players with 50,000 points or more) awards 23 points
  • The Platinum Level (for players with 225,000 points or higher) gives 26 points
  • The Diamond Level (for players with 500,000 points or more) awards 30 points on $10 of play.

In addition, the reward points are also given to players who also like to play Blackjack, Video Poker, Table Games, and Specialty Games. The latter offers the highest points per level.

What Other Rewards Can I Receive at USA Casinos Offering the VIP Plan?

  • Play the featured game for October - Monster Money Slots - and earn double rewards points
  • When you make at least one deposit at VIP Slots, you will receive 10 free entries into the monthly sweepstakes. The prize for the month of October is a Sony Blue Ray Disc Player and a $200 gift certificate from to buy movies for your new player! Offer ends October 31, 2009.
  • Sizzling Slots gives you triple rewards points on all slot games.
  • Happy Hour awards you double rewards points every Friday from 5PM to 10PM.

Remember, all the rewards listed can be received when you play at any one of the USA casinos who participate in the VIP Plan!