Victory Lane Slots

Digital Gaming Solutions has come out with several new slot games we know you will love playing. One of them is called Victory Lane Slots, a game that you can play at Bookmaker Casino. In a unique twist, there are some special features in this slot game we know you will thoroughly enjoy.

Game Facts

If you played Tic Tac Toe as a kid, this is the game for you. A 3x3 reel slot, Victory Lane has a car racing theme with a colorful array of symbols. Great for new slot players and those on a budget, the coin denominations range from 1 coin to 20 coins. The idea is to match the symbols either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It's easy to play, and lots of fun.

Get Ready to Claim Victory!

Victory Lane Slots, as we said, is set up like a tic tac toe board. In the center of the slot machine are the symbols. They include: helmet, checkered flag, trophy cu0p, race car, signal, tire, speedometer, and man with earphones. To the left of the slot machine are the symbols arranged in vertical order with their payouts listed for each symbol. When you match any one symbol, your win will be posted in the "win" box at the bottom right corner of the slot. Depending upon how much you wager, you can easily determine how much the payout will be.

Play Victory Lane Slots

If you are a race car fan, we know you will enjoy playing Victory Lane Slots at BookMaker Casino. And even if you're not a fan, this is one unique game you will still want to practice play or play for real money as it is a flash slot and can be played directly on your browser. In fact, you may want to enlarge your browser as this slot will cover the entire screen.